Do you lack self-esteem and confidence? Here is how meditation can help

Do you lack self-esteem and confidence? Here is how meditation can help

Jun 18, 2018, 12:17:10 PM Opinion

Confidence is what gets you everywhere! From a tough interview to a complicated life situation – if you’ve got the confidence to face it, then nothing can pin you down! However, most of us have walked through the dark side of life at least once. From being unappreciated, undermined to bullied and let down in front of others, we’ve faced it all. That’s the time when most people lose their verve, their inner, and confidence. The feeling of not being good enough seeps in. And gradually the feeling "I don't deserve anything good" tends to sync into our psyche. If you resonate with it, chances are you’re looking for a permanent solution? Mediation and mindfulness is the way to turn a new leaf.

Something interesting

Once the holy Dalai Lama met a team of Western psychologists, to inquire them the most common worry that their patients are worried about? The uniform answer for the question revolved around lack of self-esteem and confidence. To Dalai Lama, this was rather tough to believe. As for where he stays and preaches as well as in Tibet, there are no issues about self-esteem. The apparent reason could be that people in those regions are peaceful, cultivate mindfulness and also practice meditation. Also, environment plays a crucial role. The environment in Tibet or Dharamshala is all about compassion and loving acceptance of the self.

Causes of lack of confidence and self-esteem

The major cause of lack of self-esteem, low self-esteem or low confidence is lack of self-love and awareness within! Humans usually tend to depend on their near ones for motivation and understanding. Positive feedback from an authority figure or anyone we count on goes a long way in building self-esteem and confidence. The opposite is also true. Being unloved can hurt our esteem tremendously. Here are some probable reasons that bring down our confidence and self-esteem:

  • Having an abusive boss/manager that continuously nit-picks on you
  • Being engaged in a toxic relationship with a partner who de-motivates you
  • Having a childhood trauma or mishap that needs to be healed
  • Having body shaming issues that need to be addressed
  • Holding onto experiences of past failure
  • Constantly depending on others for approval

How can meditation, mindfulness, and affirmations help in building back self-esteem?

Simply put, meditation is all about calming the mind talk and bringing awareness into the present moment. This means drawing in peace from the realization that the existing lack of self-esteem can be healed with apt meditation practice/s. Just by repeating affirmations like, "I am confident," "I know how to face situations," "I stand in my authentic power," "I am peaceful," and the like can boost confidence by creating subtle shifts within.

If you don't know where to start, you can opt-in for online meditation apps like Jinglow and get started with the sample mediation sets available.

The new age online meditation apps have been customized uniquely! Other than providing mediation mp3's, there are options to record your affirmations. This encourages being mindful to your mind shifts. For few individuals, customized affirmations work best. You can't build excellent self-esteem in just one day. Mediation and affirmation help you to accept your present state and work towards a better future with a positive mindset. And one day you find yourself more confident than ever. 

Published by Lucy Jones

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