How can coaching certification programs change your professional life as a coach?

How can coaching certification programs change your professional life as a coach?

Sep 21, 2018, 9:18:38 PM Business

When people hear the term “life coach” they often roll their eyes. The increasing number of amateur speakers and trainers without relevant certifications often refer to themselves as life coaches. Yes, it is true that they have significantly reduced the level of confidence people used to have on this profession. However, that has not stopped people with real passion from becoming coaches. They often refer to themselves as health coaches, executive coaches, and leadership coaches. According to a report from the International Coach Federation (ICF), there are about 47,500 working coaches in the world in 2012. The number has grown exponentially in the last six years.

Why do you need certification as a coach?

The significant rise in the number of people who want to become life coaches has increased the competition in the field. Number of employees, self-employed individuals, managers, CEOs, and working moms are looking for personal coaching and training classes right now. However, it is also true that the increasing frequency of fraudulent coaches has made people wary of professionals without convincing certification. So, even if you have the knowledge and the skills, having a certification from a well-known coaching center pays off in the long run. Newfield Asia coaching certification program is one of the international standard programs favorite among coaches in Asia and the rest of the world. 

When you have a certification backing your expertise and training, people realize that you have the hands-on experience as an executive coach or a leadership coach should have. A trusted name transfers the trust-ability and reliability to the life coach looking for some recognition. You can think of it as a form of branding that attracts clients and evokes respect.

Who can become a coach?

It is true that there is no age barrier to become a life coach. Your existing idea about work, family, relationship, and self-awareness will contribute to a unique style of coaching. In essence, every coach is different from another, even after receiving certification from the same program. These classes do not downsize your skills or level them out with your contemporaries. They aim to help you realize what your true potentials are so that you can help your clients the same way in the future. It can help you improve your social skills, listening, understanding and body language – the essential elements of any coach, who wants to succeed.

How to pick the right coach training program?

Coaching certifications are a lot of work. Some of them are a lot like attending college. Some of them are costlier than the others, while some provide certifications online. When money and time are not leading concerns, you should judge the effectiveness of a program by the scope of their coursework, the value of their certificates and the practical effect on life. While choosing one, check for their ICF certification. The training schools need to follow strict rules while developing these programs popular as the Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTPs). While there are hundreds of ACTPs you can browse, you need to pick one that matches your areas of specialization. 

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