How to insert a menstrual cup? A complete guide just for you

How to insert a menstrual cup? A complete guide just for you

Nov 16, 2018, 6:41:42 PM Opinion

The problem of menstruation is found in every female on this earth.  So sharing information about problem handling will always be advantageous for women who are not aware of certain things. Generally, during the menstrual periods time, it is a common practice of women using pads which help to absorb the bad blood and tissues that comes out of the vagina. 

A pad can be easily stuck to the inner wear and can be removed without much problem. This used pad can be disposed of in a dustbin later after covering it in a cover or paper.  This is to avoid embarrassment.  But what if there is a method of disposing of bad blood and tissues other than using pads.

Using menstrual cups

Usage of the menstrual cup is one such method.  It may be a little trouble in inserting the menstrual cup when you are doing it for the first time.  But by using menstrual cups, it is very beneficial than the other ways of removing bad blood.  So it is always advisable that when you are not bleeding try to insert the menstrual cup so that it gives you the practice of using it and when you are really in need of the menstrual cup, your experience in using the product will be very helpful.  The internal parts such as vagina, cervix, etc. are very sensitive parts so whatever product you use should damage the health.  So always use BPA free products which ensure the safety of your internal parts of your body.

How to use these cups?

Since the menstrual cup is a new product, not many women are aware of it.  Even though the product is very beneficial, how to make use of the product is the biggest headache any female faces.  Read below to know how to insert a menstrual cup:

  • Wash your hand properly.
  • A water-based lubricant should be used for easy insertion.
  • Take a menstrual cup and check whether it is easily moldable.
  • Once everything is fine, then you will have to decide which type of fold you want to insert.  There are two types of fold – ‘U' fold and ‘C' fold.  Both shapes can be given to the cup by pressing the cup.  One more popular fold is punching down fold where one side of the cup is folded inside to give a hollow shape which can be easily inserted into the vagina.
  • Once the menstrual cup is inserted, and as soon as the pressure of hand is removed, the cup gets the normal shape and fits itself accordingly.
  • If you find the pipe is coming out, then with the help of your fingers push the menstrual cup little more up and see that it fits properly so that the pipe does not come out of your body.
  • Ensure that the menstrual cup is right below the cervix and if you find it is not in the right position then by using your fingers you can always adjust the menstrual cup accordingly.  Always remember if the menstrual cup if not inserted properly or turns sideways, there is a problem of leakage.

Don’t get tensed that you are not able to insert the menstrual cup.  Relax for some time and retry once again.  A work done in frustration will only lead to more pain.

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