Important Details about Trees That Every One Who Loves Trees Should Know

Important Details about Trees That Every One Who Loves Trees Should Know

May 10, 2018, 5:06:22 PM Life and Styles

Trees bring a lively atmosphere around homes. To get a beautiful view, there is need to work on your trees until you get the right kind of tree that you want. It takes real work and knowledge to handle trees. If you lack any of the two, then you will end up with trees that are not well kept and a home that looks messy.

How to care for new trees

Newly planted trees require regular watering and care in order to thrive. If you fail to give your trees this kind of attention, then your tree will not reach its full potential. This is because it is exposed and can become vulnerable to pests and disease or even to death. 

A few of the important yet simple steps for proper care include:

  • Watering– Ensure that your trees receive 25 gallons of water per week.  Watering the wrong way attracts runoff which you ought to prevent by:
  • Turning on the hose on a low for about half an hour at the base of the tree
  • Placing a 5-gallon bucket with holes on the base of the tree. Filling this bucket up to five times in one week sufficiently feeds the tree.
  • Using a 25-gallon slow-release watering bag. Filling it up only once per week feeds your tree with enough water.
  • Mulching – To help your tree store its own water under the roots, it is important to mulch. Mulching also controls the weeds naturally. When mulching, ensure that you use the following important steps:
  • Use leaf compost or shredded bark
  • Apply the mulch using the 3-3-3 rule. This means 3 inches of mulch on a 3-foot ring with a 3-inch space around the tree trunk.
  • Avoid volcano mulching at all costs.
  • Protecting – Keep every enemy of the tree away from the base of the tree.  Whackers, wild animals, and lawn mowers should be kept away from the trees.  Ensure you protect your trees by:
  • Installing a deer fence if required
  • Installing a trunk guard at the base of the tree. This keeps its nutrient and water system from being cut. Trunk guards are also protective gears from small animals like rodents. 
  • Pruning your trees – This is a step that many people tend to skip thinking that trees do not need pruning. If you don’t prune your trees, you fail to accomplish an important goal for that tree to grow strong. If you are not able to prune it yourself, you would rather look for someone like the Chompers Tree Service to do it for you.

What do you need to prune?

  • Clean sharp tools
  • Sanitizer to clean the tools in between pruning different trees

The pruning process

  • Cut a bud, a lateral branch or the main trunk.
  • Do not leave any stubs.
  • Use the three-cut method, especially for large limbs that are more than two inches in diameter.
  • When pruning back to the main stem or to another branch, do not ever make a flush cut. Always make a cut outside the raised collar branch. The collar helps the tree form wounds because it has chemicals that are a barrier against pathogens.  

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