Photography Locations- What you should look for

Photography Locations- What you should look for

Feb 26, 2018, 8:30:37 PM Opinion

Picking a photo shoot location is an important decision for photographers or people who hire photographers. Whether you are an amateur or professional, location is essential. Choosing meaningful places for your photo shoot will lead to better images that will be effectively reflected on the photos. You will be able to see the familiarity and recognition in every picture. You can also witness the historical impact of the place.


Subjects are more likely to be at ease when the shooting is carried out at a meaningful place. If you want to take photographs of children, for example, try to find places that feature their favorite activities or hobbies. Each person that is photographed is a unique individual with their own dreams, hopes and personalities.

Natural Lighting

Flash photography is often used but it does not have to be your only choice. Many photographers prefer natural lighting and avoid using lighting systems as much as they can.

  • Avoid direct sunlight while shooting outdoors because it may make people uncomfortable or can create harsh shadows.
  • Open shade like a covered area or overhanging tree and light are favorable circumstances that enable the sunlight to filter through in a softer and flattering way.
  • You can shoot during the early hours of the morning, afternoon or evening to take advantage of less sunny conditions.
  • Position your subjects next to windows when you shoot indoors and use artificial lighting when necessary. Visit


Challenging weather conditions may make it necessary to cancel a shoot. Even with the most precise planning and preparation, it is always a good idea to have a solid backup plan. If you are concerned about rain disrupting your shoot, consider places that have tunnels, bridges and trees that can keep you, the subjects and photography equipment dry.


Some people are not comfortable with doing their photography in front of crowds. You need to be able to block out background noise under such circumstances. However, if you need to photograph a child, a crowded place may make it difficult to do portraits. Aside from other people distracting your subjects, you may be constantly waiting to get people out of the frame. People who walk by may interfere by watching or commenting on the subject.


Time of Day

Timing is often a challenging issue. You can base time on aspects such as sunlight and the ease or comfort of the subjects. It is important to begin by determining whether you will be shooting in the morning, evening or at night. Aside from light quality, you may also consider the time frame during which your location will be least busy along with the time of day that will be preferable for your subjects.

Visual Appeal

An eye-catching location is a major aspect of choosing where you want to shoot. In this regard, there are several factors to consider such as bright colors, flowers, patterns, textures, shapes and backgrounds. It is important to consider the accessibility of the location to avoid situations where you and the subjects end up being too tired to complete the shoot. When you identify the perfect photo shoot location, the session will be fun, enjoyable and effective.


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