Planning to come up with your independent coffee shop? Smart cafeteria furniture’s to consider

Planning to come up with your independent coffee shop? Smart cafeteria furniture’s to consider

Jul 19, 2018, 10:22:45 PM Life and Styles

Coffee is a favorite beverage for many! Research suggests about two billion cups of coffee gets served in several coffee outlets across the UK, Australia, and other regions. Popularity wise coffee is gradually overtaking tea.  Also, there's an increase in cafeterias in Australia and worldwide. 

In 2017, marketers estimated that there would be a 40% growth in independent coffee outlets by 2020. Studies also highlight that customers have started to witness "brand fatigue" with the leading coffee brand chains. It leaves the room open for independent coffee shops and cafeterias to emerge and experiment. So, are you planning to come up with your independent cafeteria sometime this year? If yes, then there's vast work you need to do. You have to consider aspects like the staff allocation, costs and also purchase best coffee machines and other allied devices. Above all, you need to focus on your cafeteria furnishing, as that will impact customer footfall in a significant way. 

About Cafeteria Furnishing

Zeroing down on cafeteria furniture is not easy. It involves extensive planning and smart decision making. Cafeteria furniture will go a long way in creating your first impression to your target customers. It will also help you steer clear of the competition. You will also be able to foster your coffee shop styling and enhance your brand presence. 

Want to get an idea on the type of cafeteria furniture you will require? The best way is to decide on the category of your coffee shop. The four categories are:

  • Traditional
  • Individual
  • Trendy
  • High Street

Cafe furniture that complements the customers' duration of stay

There are coffee lovers who would be in a coffee shop for few minutes. They would drink their coffee and be gone! But there are coffee lovers, who love to linger on in a cafeteria for few hours. Book lovers and writers fall in this category. And this chunk of coffee lovers is increasing. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in coffee shop furniture that is apt to suit the stay of your customers. Hence, you will need "poseur" tables, stools, standard height chairs and tables to enable comfortable sitting, eating and reading experience. Cafeteria owners are also experimenting with tub chairs and low-level tables.

Does your cafeteria mainly serve beverage? If yes, then this will also impact your choice of cafeteria furniture. Your menu has a role to play as well. People cannot relish an elaborate platter from small tables. So, once you sort-out these ideas, the choice of cafeteria furniture's will become simple for you.  Are you located in Melbourne and want to start a new cafeteria? If yes, you can make an area-specific search, such as Cafe Furniture Melbourneto learn more.

Various types of cafeteria furniture you can select

Today, you have the chance to choose from a host of new age, chic and aesthetic cafeteria furniture that are provided by many service providers. The popular ones are as follows:

1. The side chairs

It’s a chair with no arms. It is easy to move the chair around. It also saves space by accommodating under tables where needed, when not in use. Side chairs are composed of metal or wood. 

2. The armchairs

AS you start speaking cafeteria furniture language, you will know cafeteria armchairs aren’t the same as ones found in household living rooms. It refers to a chair having arms. You can opt-in for a contemporary or traditional style. Though armchairs take up more space than side chairs, they provide better comfort as well.

3. Stools

You can have both high and low stools. Are you planning to create counters where customers can sit? If yes, high stools having footrests are a perfect choice. Usually, stools come in metal/chrome and have cushioned seats. There are traditional styles available too. Regarding shapes, stools can be triangular, cylindrical and low cubes. Stools create a more informal and relaxed ambience. It is apt for filling vacant corners. For children, stools are the best sitting option.  

4. The bentwood chairs

Bentwood chairs have natural, light wood finishes and curved plywood forms. If you love Arne Jacobsen’s classic furniture designs, you will love this cafeteria furniture type. Bentwood chairs echo similar antiquity. It's stylish, sturdy and has a "continental" element about it. The seating is comfortable as well.

5. Stacking chairs

Are you planning to use your cafeteria for other purposes as well? If yes, you need to consider stacking chairs. You can select from a wide range of stacking chairs available. These chairs come in aluminium frames or aluminium, with seats in wood-effect slats. You can also get real wood stacking chairs today.

6. Tables

Cafeteria tables are usually light and small than restaurant tables. It’s a smart call to use the cafeteria space flexibly. You don’t need to follow a rigid layout. Small and light cafe tables will help customers to move around freely. You can also opt-in for the traditional four-legged table if your cafeteria has a conventional cafe look. Alternatively, if you are experimenting with a contemporary design, try selecting pyramid and pedestal tables as well. These tables have columns in place of legs. Hence, the base is solid and substantial. You could also use small or high "Poseur" tables that are perfect for single or at best two customers.

When planning your cafeteria furniture, you need to consider a crucial aspect. Do you have an outdoor space in front of the cafeteria? Is it a garden or a terrace space? If yes, then you also need to invest in outdoor cafeteria furniture. And this furniture set should be weatherproof and robust. The most obvious choice is metal. The latest wood-effect finishes and synthetic wickers are also long-lasting. Are you planning to use the outdoor space mostly for warm months? Then you can opt-in for stackable furniture which you can store away when you're not using the outdoor area. Are you wondering if setting up your cafeteria is a Herculean task? Keep these coffee shop furniture types handy, and you can address the work with ease and confidence.

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