Reasons Why You Should Involve Professionals in Workplace Substance Abuse

Professionals in Workplace Substance Abuse

Reasons Why You Should Involve Professionals in Workplace Substance Abuse

Feb 22, 2018, 8:58:10 PM Opinion

Substance abuse will affect the productivity of your business. Many organizations have zero tolerance for substance abuse as it does hinder the job delivery by workers. Some industries such as the medical field have even more at stake as the workers handle people’s lives. It is up to an employer to ensure that employees remain substance-free at all times.

You can use professionals to help you deal with substance abuse in the workplace. The professionals will help you in many ways to create an environment devoid of substance abuse.

Provide employee assessments

In some organizations such as in the medical field, the temptation and risk of substance abuse is higher. Your employees may feel tempted to use the readily available drugs, especially as they seek to cope in a high-pressure environment. The substance use can easily get out of hand. You will make losses as you will spend a lot to replace the used up drugs. The employees can also pose danger to patients as they will provide substandard services when under the influence of drugs. You also risk losing highly skilled professionals. That is why it is important to carry out employee assessments.

Make recommendations for return to work purposes

Based on results from the New Directions assessments, make arrangements for professional handling of the affected employees. The recommendations will be based on actual examination. The health report will therefore form the basis of what you need to do next. The recommendations allow employers to make the right decisions as what to do with their employees. While rehab will work for some, others may require you to fire them, especially when they pose a danger. The recommendations are fair to the employees and will consider their needs as well as the needs of your organization.


You will get professional counseling services that will help your employees. The services will go a long way in helping them to cope with the work environment as well as any challenges they may be facing that may lead them to substance abuse. The services all aim at supporting the efforts of employers in creating an environment that is free of substance abuse. An organization will therefore benefit from these services. The terms of engagement are also affordable and this will be good news for more cost effective programs that will aid your organization.

Follow-up testing

The professionals will provide you with follow-up services that help employees ease back to work schedules. The return to work recommendations that the professionals provide you with allow you to make fair decisions on the fate of your employees. The evaluations will gauge the success of the treatment plan and its effectiveness in helping to treat the substance abuse problem. The assessments will also provide you with information on the coping ability of the person. The recommendations are extensive with details that cover the timeframe. Apart from these, you will get recommendations on how often the employee should undergo mandatory screening for substance abuse. This will help you monitor the employee. It will also help to keep the employee in check as he or she would not want to compromise their employment.

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