Romantic Ideas That You Can Use to Propose This Valentine’s Day

Romantic Ideas That You Can Use to Propose This Valentine’s Day

Feb 1, 2018, 11:52:43 PM Creative

Proposing on Valentine’s Day has for long been romanticized in literature and films.If you are going steady with someone and Valentine’s Day is approaching, you are almost expected to pop the question and that too in style. Some very romantic ideas for proposing:

Announce It on the Radio

If the girl you love is hooked on to the radio irrespective of whether she’s cooking, driving or ironing the clothes, then it could be a lovely idea to propose to her on her favorite station. If you think persuading the radio station about this seemingly-mad idea would be difficult, you would be surprised to see how amenable radio stations are to organizing such activities on Valentine’s Day. When making the arrangements, don’t forget to ask them to play your beloved’s favorite track before popping the question. Ask the station in advance about the broadcast time so that you can send her flowers and chocolates at the same time.

Say It on a Billboard

A good way of making a splash with your proposal on the big day is to line up a billboard advertising company and take a strategically-placed billboard on rent. Arrange to put up a display that asks the question. To make sure, she notices the billboard, take her on a nice drive on the same route and stop before the billboard to let the question sink in. you can be as creative with your display as you like and wow her with your passion. Gifting Valentine hampers at that moment can help you to seal the deal.

A variant of this idea is skywriting your proposal, however, this will work only if the weather is fine and you have a deep pocket. Contact a skywriting service provider well in advance and issue your instructions and leave them to their task. Your only responsibility is to ensure that your Valentine sees the message in the sky with the rest of the people around her. On the wow factor scale, this must rank very high.

Let Your T-Shirt Do the Job

You could bring out a red T-shirt of your wardrobe and use a marker pen to write the question or the three magic words proclaiming your love. If you think that it is not coming out too well, just drop into the nearest mall and you will be sure to get a smart T-shirt with an engagement proposal written out beautifully. Go out wearing a jacket over the T-shirt and have your usual romantic date, and when you sense that the time is right, take off your jacket and give her the surprise of her life.


If you think the above ideas for proposing are a tad too dramatic, you could settle for the classic candlelight dinner. Take her out to a really romantic location, which doesn’t have to be frightfully expensive and pop the question right at the start if you are sure of getting an affirmative answer. This will make the rest of the date more romantic and memorable.


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