Spice Up Your Vaping Experience - Switch to Super Flavored E-Liquids!

Spice Up Your Vaping Experience - Switch to Super Flavored E-Liquids!

Jun 3, 2018, 6:48:39 PM Life and Styles

There are some amazingly flavored e-liquids available online for your vaping needs. You can find a flavor for every mood. Gone are the days when toxic nicotine ruled your life. E-liquids in tangy flavors are much safer and fun!

Experience diverse flavors of e-liquids

E-liquids enhance your vaping experience. They leave a pleasant lingering after-effect in the mouth. Manufacturers have come out in the market with a wide array of flavors. Some online websites give you a mixing chart for different flavors to make the vaping experience unique. There are both natural and artificial flavors for you to opt for. You can even get the flavor of nicotine in case you are new to vaping.

These liquids fundamentally have four basic ingredients. They include vegetable glycerin, artificial flavor, natural flavors and propylene glycol. There are some flavored e-liquids with some amounts of nicotine flavor added to them.

What is the best flavor?

The best flavor of e-liquid depends upon your taste. It is recommended you try as many flavors you get. This helps you to experiment with the different flavors available in the market. Some flavors like the Blueberry Slush ELiquid are doing well in the market. It is perfect for those who love fruits. You can get other flavors in strawberry, apricot, and lime. There are available in local and online vape stores. However, if you are looking for range and variety you should check online websites. They source their e-liquids directly from manufacturers. You get a diverse range. Local vape stores might not give you many options as the stock is generally limited. Vape smokers who frequent those stores will find their regular flavors there. So, if you wish to experiment with as many flavors of e-liquids you want to, shop online.

How long will your e-liquid last?

The e-liquid bottles generally come in 10ml however you may find bigger or smaller bottles online too. A 10ml bottle generally lasts you for 3 to 7 days. This again depends on how much you vape. Usually, average smokers consume 3ml of e-liquid daily. However, as mentioned above, the bottle will last as per your vaping needs daily.

Will the e-liquid go bad?

Many consumers are not sure on the shelf life of an e-liquid. Generally, they do not come with official expiry dates. However, they can be safely stored for 1 to 2 years. It is vital for you to store the e-liquid properly. The base ingredients should not be adversely affected.

Therefore, from the above, if you want to make your vaping experience unique, opt 

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