These Signs Call for Roof Repair Services

These Signs Call for Roof Repair Services

Feb 19, 2018, 11:18:54 PM Opinion

If your roof is showing signs of deterioration, it is time to have repaired. Actually, it could be a matter of urgency. Say you have been a tad neglectful where roof maintenance is concerned. You do not want the whole roof to fall in on you and your family one blustery night.

Disregard of maintenance is of course not the only reason for extensive roof damage. Extreme weather conditions could do a number on your roof. A cyclone or a bad storm can render you roofless in minutes. Whatever the reason you need to have your roof repaired, speed is of the essence. DIY is not an option here unless you are a certified roofer.

For minor repairs like replacing a few loose or fallen shingles or a small leak, you can competently do it yourself. On the other hand, if the damage is extensive, please call roof repair services as soon as you can. You might need to reroof your entire house or have some very advanced repair work done.

Signs that it is time to make that call

Being unaware of whether you need to have your roof redone or not could be catastrophic. No. It is not hyperbole. You knowdisaster loves to strike in the dead of the night. To prevent an occasion where your family may spend a night cold, wet, and hurdled in a corner, look out for these signs:

  • You have missing shingles, or cracked/curled shingles

This means your shingles are done. Their span is over. If you notice this, you should be getting that roof replaced soon afterwards.

  • Wet, dark or dirty shingles

Shingles should not allow moisture to sip in. If it is, then they are ineffective and need to be replaced.

  • If you notice an increase in shingle granules in gutters

When asphalt and composite shingles wear out, they shed granules thatmake their way into the gutters. If you notice something like coarse black sand in your gutters, you need to have those shingles replaced, because those are granules.

  • When there are signs of deterioration around roof objects

Roof objects include the pipes, vents, and chimneys or any other that penetrate the roof. Deterioration around these objects can be fixed without the rest of the roof being interfered with.

  • When there is blistering and peeling off the exterior paint

This may be due to poor ventilation in the attic. Poor ventilation causes an increase in moisture near the roofline. This moisture causes the blistering and peeling and is a sign that the gutter system is failing.

  • Smudges on the inner ceilings

This could mean that the underlayment of the roof is allowing dampness into the house. The remedy is to have the roof replaced.

  • Sagging decks and rafters

If the decks or rafters look like they are weighed down, then some moisture leaking onto them may be the reason why. They should be straight not curving inwards. Try to get the repairs restricted to that area to avoid a reroof.

  • Raised energy expenses

If your energy bills have gone up inexplicably, there might be a leakage of warm or cool air through the roof. Your bills will normalise once you get the issue in your attic fixed.

When you are able to diagnose an issue, you are in a better position to either save on re-roofing costs or identify if you need roof repair services and thus avoid the inconvenience that a bad roof can bring to your home and your loved ones.


Published by Lucy Jones

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