Top 15 Dogs that Shed the Least

Top 15 Dogs that Shed the Least

Nov 15, 2018, 4:47:43 PM Life and Styles

You should first be aware, that there are no such things as dogs that don’t shed hair. However, that being said, many breeds shed very little to virtually nothing that your eye will notice. These types of dogs are perfect for the common allergy sufferer or for those that are hypoallergenic. Below are the top 20 dogs that shed the least, hopefully, one of them will suit your liking.


This small dog is a strong and hardy breed that comes from Germany. It has a strong athletic build and is playful and energetic. They can be somewhat protective of their belongings such as food and toys, so for very small children this might not be the ideal pet, however they make a great family dog overall. This dog breed sheds very little.


Bedlington terrier is a Peculiar type of dog that comes in a popular blue tinted color. These dogs are very good with children and make loyal and great companion dogs. Their coat resembles lamb-like fur and requires professional trimming every month or so. However, these dogs are non-shedding which make them great for indoor pets or for those with allergies. These dogs require a fair amount of exercise.


Although this particular breed sheds little to no hair it does require brushing almost daily as well as frequent trimming. These dogs are highly intelligent and learn tricks fairly easily and are known to be barkers. Great watchdogs as well, these dogs are relatively small and weigh around 9-10 pounds full grown. This is a breed that originates from Italy, and is named after the famed city of Bologna.


This Terrier is playful and full of energy. It has a fairly thick undercoat, but the topcoat is short, thin, and a bit wiry. This dog breed sheds little to no hair and is a great pet for families with small children, as it is great with kids. The dog’s coat will need to be brushed around once a week with professional grooming once or twice a year. These dogs also get along well with other pets, and are not typically aggressive.


This small to medium bodied dog is a great hypoallergenic dog with low dander without the ‘dog smell’. Its name derives from the word Cotton, and which suggests it’s cotton-like hair. This is a gentle and an affectionate dog that gets along with almost any other animal or family environment. Highly intelligent, these dogs are easily trainable, and love to play with kids and be outdoors.


This dog breed is a sturdy, independent dog. They usually become highly attached to their families and make excellent companion dogs, being both playful and loyal. Its coat, while low in dander and non-shedding, does need to be taken care of with frequent brushing to remove the dead hair. One good thing about this breed, is that it requires less exercise than other small dogs this size, making it suitable as an indoor pet.


Medium to sometimes large size, the Irish Water Spaniel, is a sporting dog with long legs and are excellent retrievers of birds and fowl. These spaniels are known to be ‘clownish’ and some owners go as far as saying that this dog breed actually have a sense of humor. Their thick and curly hair will require consistent brushing. Also, these dogs do require some time to train, so fences are a good thing when they first come home.


These dogs are usually black as puppies, but as they age turn to bluish color with all different shades. They can be somewhat aggressive and need consistent leadership and training to be obedient. This dog has no smell and sheds little to no hair. Great dog for allergy sufferers.


This breed of dog is both loyal with a happy temperament. The top coat usually runs long and will need to be brushed almost daily. This dog does shed some but not quite the same as your average shedder. Although it is a friendly dog, it can be territorial which makes it a good watchdog for the house. Good indoor house pet as they demand less exercise than your average breed.


The Maltese have a fine silky straight coat that often looks luxurious. Daily combing and brushing are needed to upkeep their hair. Despite the coat, this breed sheds almost no hair and is classified as a hypoallergenic dog breed. They are very loyal and become attached to their masters which makes them ideal companion dogs. Because of their small size, they are ideal for indoors or apartments. However, they are playful and will like the occasional stroll in the park.


Considered as part of the ‘Toy Dog Group’, the Papillon is a spunky little dog that is both playful and steady. Highly intelligent, this dog breed is considered to be the #1 in obedience in dog training amongst the Toy Group. Although they are quite small like the Maltese, they do need a bit more exercise, daily walks will suffice.


One of the most popular dog breeds around, the Poodle makes a great companion dog for allergy sufferers are those that are affected by dander. There are basically three classes of Poodles; Miniature, Standard, and Toy Poodles. These dogs are also popular show dogs as they are very intelligent and can be trained in almost any trick.


With long hair that usually covers the face and eyes, this dog breed is a lovable and intelligent dog. They are also said to possess superior memory skills and can remember people and situations from years prior. They usually fit right in with a family and can become very protective of their masters as well as any family members especially children.


These working dogs once originated off the coasts of Portugal aiding fishers in catching fish. This breed is somewhat rare as it had webbed paws to a small degree making it an avid swimmer. Both playful and jumpy, this breed will attach itself to its master and rigorously defend its territory making it an ideal watchdog. Medium in size, they require the regular exercise of both walking and running.

15. PULI

Another dog with long covering hair, this dog is centuries old and was used for herding and originated in Hungary. Their dense coats need to be taken care of to prevent clumping and tangling, however, besides this, their hair needs very little care as they do not shed its coat. Extremely intelligent, they are said sometimes to get bored with obedience training and are great problem solvers.

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