Trending coffee tables for 2018 to consider for your cafeteria or restaurant

Trending coffee tables for 2018 to consider for your cafeteria or restaurant

Jun 21, 2018, 9:05:03 PM Opinion

Restaurant and cafeteria industry is growing exponentially. Other than food, it's the ambiance that adds to the appeal of any cafeteria or restaurant. Surprisingly, a coffee table has a huge role to play in setting up the perfect backdrop. That’s what propels you to walk into your favorite cafeteria and enjoy your cuppa. Research shows the youth forms a meteor chunk of the customer share for cafeterias and restaurants. And other than food, they are attracted to the thoughtful and creative decor. Also, most restaurants today have a coffee section. Hence, selecting beautiful coffee tables is the need of the hour.

So, are you planning to open a chain of a restaurant or a themed cafeteria? If yes, your table selection is essential. Your consumers will gather around the table when they visit your eatery. Today, there are several coffee table choices available. But if you want to make a difference, choose the best coffee tables that are trending high in 2018.

Unique coffee table designs for 2018

  • Opt-in for the Cottage Coffee Tables

Today, cottage style tables are famous! These tables are simple and chic at the same time. There's daily ease that defines the table. A group of friends or close-knit family members would love to sit around a cottage coffee table and savor their choicest foods. The table type is rather humble. Take care of the detailing when you opt in for it. For instance, ensure the table has turned legs. Another standard feature of cottage coffee tables are distressed and painted finishes. If you are keen on travel, book or any other themed cafeteria, cottage tables will add to the style.

  • Plan it easy and smart with Coffee Table Sets

Is your cafeteria/restaurant targeted strictly at the youth? If yes, then you need to choose a peppy and straightforward table type. Coffee table sets work wonders here. When you get to have two coffee tables in place of two, that's indeed an excellent choice! Coffee table sets are going to be a popular trend this year. The objective is to give your customers the customary coffee table look, with a youthful spunk to it. You can select from identical or different coffee table sets. You can choose contrasting colors and shape as well. However, make sure that the table sets are in sync. It should neither look very different nor over-the-top!

If you’re planning to open your cafeteria in Melbourne, you could browse online and check out products provided by Cafe Sol Melbourne and the like. You will have an idea about what’s trending in the market and choose wisely.

  • The magic of unfinished wood

Unfinished wood isn’t history at all! Instead, it’s very much in fashion. And most cafeteria and restaurant owners are opting in for this table type. Most people would invest in a painted coffee table that looks generic. There's inexplicable magic in unfinished wood. Being unpainted it has a raw, natural appeal which will set your cafeteria apart from other market players. You can also view the intricate wooden lines on the table that is sure to attract several eye-balls.

  • Experiment with the ultra-Low Coffee Table

Usually, coffee tables move up to the height of a sofa or are slightly lower! 2018 is witnessing exclusive trends. The ultra-low coffee table is here. If you want to make a statement with your cafeteria decor, this is the best choice for you. The ultra-low coffee tables are close to the ground. And this creates a sense of relaxation and warmth. You feel like you are sharing fond anecdotes over a cup of coffee, sitting beside a cozy fireplace.

  • Bring back the mid-century Coffee Table

Do you want to stand out with your restaurant and cafeteria decor by reigning high on antiquity and old-school patterns? If yes, the mid-century coffee table is your best decor. This table gained popularity between 1950’s and 1960’s. The primary feature of this table is bent wood with simple and clean lines. The table has a natural beauty of its own that you can highlight.

  • Say yes to the new age style Coffee Table

Use the words modern and new age coffee tables interchangeably! This style is all about what is presently trending. A new age coffee table design is known for its stark interiors that have bright, bold accents. Usually, metal bases and glass tops characterize this table. 

Purchasing a coffee table for your cafeteria and restaurant

Buying the best coffee table or table set for your eatery or cafeteria is hassle-free, both online and offline. The percentage of service providers has increased over the past few years. Wondering if the online brands are genuine? With Google’s latest and changing algorithm updates, only the authentic brands today can sustain online. And you will have access to the same within the first few pages.

So, what do you need to do to arrive at the best choice? Decide on the coffee table style you want to focus. You have a vision for your cafeteria and restaurant business. Try and select a coffee table type that will complement your idea. Once that is done, choosing from the multiple table types will be a breeze. Some of the unique table kinds are:

  • Conventional or Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional coffee tables
  • Eclectic style
  • Country coffee tables

Traditional coffee tables have ancient elements attached to it. The detailed features include the cabriole legs, moldings, turned spindles and many more. It also comes with a lustrous finish and sheen.  Similarly, words like chic and casual define contemporary coffee tables. Usually, it comes in geometric shapes and rounded corners. Other minute details have been kept subtle and ordinary. Typically, lighter woods are used to develop a contemporary coffee table. It is an apt choice for city cafeterias and themed eateries as well. Being minimalistic it is easy to plan and execute.

The other types of coffee tables also have their distinct features. For instance, the transitional tables come with a relaxed appeal. It doesn’t have the uptight and classic look as found in conventional coffee tables. Are you planning for a start-up cafeteria? Just go ahead and book this coffee table. Read more on the various kinds of coffee tables trending in 2018, and you will be able to select well. 

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