Type C Hub with USB Type-C is Accepted as the New Connectivity Standard

Type C Hub with USB Type-C is Accepted as the New Connectivity Standard

Feb 24, 2018, 9:38:48 PM Opinion

USB-C has been introduced a couple of years back, and the previous version of MacBook Pro has come out with only USB-C port available on the sleek design. Now, all the major technology manufacturers accepted USB-C as the standard. So, to ensure connectivity between the new and old-age devices, users need to purchase inter-connectors as USB type C hub and cables, etc.

What is the need for a type C hub?

As we discussed above, Apple came out with it is 2015 MacBook, which had a single USB-C port came with an adapter in the package. It consisted only a single USB-C with normal USB cable, but no power. Users were able to connect any USB device to the MacBook with the help of this cable, but only one task could have been handled at a time as either powering or data transfer.

Now, as the other laptop manufacturers also started following the suite, a fresh set of additional features became essential for the users as USB-C adapters that have more than one port also became known as hubs. Now, type-C hubs are an essential need for anyone who owns a device with USB C ports. Now, range of Windows laptops and also Android devices also come out with USB-C ports, making the need for a hub mandatory.

Buying USB-C hub

Before choosing any particular types of USB-C hub, one should check what are the ports available on the laptop. In case you already have HDMI or the SD card slots on the lap, then there is no need to search for which have all these ports on the type c hub.

Another trouble is that the exact type of the USB-C port on the laptop may not be easily identifiable. The specifications sheet of some of the brands list the capability of USB-C and the categories, but we may not find it with all the products. Say, for example, you can find all minute specifications on Apple or Asus packages, but it may be lacking in a package of HP, etc.

There are many other budget laptops also now come out with USB-C and only support data transfer through USB. However, the real concern is as to whether port present on it is a first-generation port (5Gbps) or the second-generation port (10Gbps). This is one crucial thing buyers need to confirm before purchasing.

Charging with USB-C hub

You can use USB-C hub and cable for charging your devices, but don't plug in any random old USB-C cable as it will damage the connected devices. Only legitimate cables must be used for charging through USB-C. While the older devices featuring USB may use up to 10W, the USB-C may carry extra ten times power than that, which significantly increase the potential danger.

So, use the original cables only which comes with your standard USB hub and devices, in case if you are shopping for extra, only look for the specifications and choose the right one. You can find cables with the USB certification emblem. The same applies to buying USB-C chargers with multiple ports too. Don't compromise for the cheaper knock-offs that might not have proper circuitry protection and apart from damaging your costly devices; these may also cause the electric shock from an induced fire.


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