Understanding Biker Patches and Their Meanings

Understanding Biker Patches and Their Meanings

Jan 30, 2018, 9:45:52 PM Sport

Biker patches have been there long enough. In most cases, bikers use the patches to pass messages indicating the club they are in. You will find many bikers placing their club logos at the back of the vest. However, biker patches aren’t just for showing clubs. They also serve as great decoration materials. In a way, biker patches also tend to display or promote the personality of the wearers. When you are out in the market looking for leather patches, you will definitely come across various layouts.

Common layout of biker patches

Observably, there is no rule that is normally observed when it comes to designing these patches. That is why there are different designs available. However, there exists a distinctive difference between biker clubs and motorcycle association patches. While biker clubs exhibit two patch designs, the latter only has a single patch design.

Outlaw club patches

If you spot someone with a three-piece design, it means the owner belongs to outlaw motorcycle club. Remember, the clubs with three patches aren’t members of American Motorcycle Association. Some people wear three-piece leather patches with logos centered with crescent shapes. The crescent shapes imply rocker. However, certain people wear such patches for fun, often confusing people that they belong to one of the outlawed clubs.

1% and 99% patches

Other outlaw bikers wear 1% patches. This is in the reference made by American Motorcycle Association that 99% of bikers are law-abiding. The 1% patch is an indication that the wearer is not part of 99% law-abiding bikers. In essence, the statement suggests that outlaw bikers are more like criminals.

Closely related to this is the 99% patch, which signifies that the biker belongs to one of the recognized motorcycle associations.

Other available patches

Besides the common patches highlighted above, there exist other biker patches you will find people wearing. For instance, there is the #13 patch representing the 13th letter of the alphabet. It is letter M. Letter M symbolizes Marijuana. As such, those wearing such a patch clearly display that they use or sell marijuana.

Another likely patch is 9 or 9er. Just like 13, number 9 is a representation of the 9th letter of alphabet I. It means that the wearer has an Indian blood. Bikers wearing spade or ace patches are simply passing a message that they are willing to fight to their last breath for their rights. Certain motorcycle patches atTheCheapPlace.com have flags on them. Such biker patches simply indicate the origin of the biker or his country.

There are also memorial patches. They can be placed anywhere the biker feels like. For some clubs, you can find patches with designs of particular road names. Such patches are only assigned to people with high ranks in that club.

Notably, you can buy patches from various outlets. From the comfort of your home, you can easily order a biker patch of your choice. Even when doing so, remember that biker patches are best when they have a special meaning or attachment to the biker.

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