July Book Club

July Book Club

Jul 25, 2017, 5:13:27 PM Entertainment

It's Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to read through all those books you have but no time to read... I didn't get this memo so only read one book this month.

Shatter Me (Tahereh Mafi, 2012)

I got this book for Christmas from a friend as we have a shared love of the author, Tahereh Mafi. Check out her social media, especially Instagram, she's really great on it. Instead of just following her on social media I wanted to support her work too so finally read her first book.

This book is advertised as a dystopian young adult book, and I suppose it is, but it's a lot more romance than I thought it was going to be and that's not my cup of tea. If you like romance I think this is the perfect book for you. 

The over view is, Juliette has a gift where if she touches anyone she kills them except, it turns out, her love interest Adam and the villain Warren who is head of The Reestablishment who has taken over the world demolishing culture so everyone is the same. Warren wants Juliette as a weapon at his side but Juliette doesn't want to use her powers, she ends up at an underground residence where she finds out she's not the only one with a gift.

Hunger Games meets Star Wars meets X-Men.

There's subtext to the book about women's bodies, women owning themselves and the meaning of consent. An amazing context and message to be talking about and fits beautifully within the story but I think some writing and pacing issues means it doesn't quite delivery all the goods.

A great read for my 13/14 year old self getting into this genre of books and wish I couldn't of read it then. I think I generally just read this book at the wrong age.

It's being made into an ABC series that I'm excited to watch as I think it is paced perfectly for TV.

Next Month Is Women Centred. Lucy.



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