Chinatown BKK: one shop stop for Chinese dishes in Thailand

Bangkok edible bird's nest soup can be found in many places.

Chinatown BKK: one shop stop for Chinese dishes in Thailand

Bangkok edible bird's nest soup can be found in many places. You can have it at a Korean ginseng restaurant, or at your own home. But why not try out the fresh soup at home? Here is a simple recipe that you might want to try out. It has a unique flavor, which will surely be appreciated by your family.


First, you should gather all the materials you will need. These are a couple of Chinese porcelain dishes and some dried fruit. You will also need some dried herbs like ginger, cloves, and fennel. There are many herbs available for you to choose from, including those sold at your local Asian market. The dried fruit is a good alternative if you do not like the pungent taste of the Chinese porcelain dishes. If you wish to make use of the latter, you can find the dried fruits in a fruit store.

How to prepare the Chinatown BKK?

 To get the most out of your preparation, you must remember that the Chinatown BKK is prepared in a big pan. Hence, make sure that your pan is well-cleaned before you begin. Do not forget to wash off any residue when cleaning the pan.


When the soup is boiling, add water to the pan. Add a little more water if necessary. At this point, it is important to stir the soup frequently. This is so you can make sure that everything is well-distilled and that there are no clumps when you go over to taste. Add sugar to the water according to the package directions.


Add the dried herbs, ginger, garlic, and fennel. Bring to a boil then let simmer for about 20 minutes. Check on your herbs periodically so that they do not stick and become tough.


Once you are through with simmering, turn off the stove. Add the cooled berry mixture and vegetable stock into your simmering pan. Stir until everything blends well. Cover the pot tightly and allow the soup to cool. The time to serve is when the soup is still hot. Skim the top and discard the black mold.


Now it is time to serve! Remove the bamboo steamer from the container and add the soup into the middle of the bamboo steamer. Cover the lid and place in the pot. Add enough water to cover the entire bowl. Leave it alone for several hours until it is fully prepared.


Now here is an ultimate how-to for those who have never made this traditional Chinese soup before. While the soup is cooking, set a large serving of fresh fruit in a bowl on top of the steamer. Stir until the fruit is soft. Let the fruit cool before serving. That is all there is to making your own BKK.

What are the recommended ways to eat Chinatown BKK to make it even more adventurous?

It is best served with Chinese peanuts. You can also add a sweet and sour mix for a nice pick-me-up. If you are feeling adventurous, you can change things up and add different types of spices. It is important not to skimp on the spices because they will enhance the dish and add to its nutritional value. For instance, dried chilies will enhance the sourness of the bkk. Feel free to add in other ingredients that will compliment the book.


When it is completely cooked, remove the bamboo steamer from the pot. Place the cooked bkk in a sealable plastic bag and add ice. Seal the bag and refrigerate it for several more hours before serving. Be sure not to over ice it or else it will become mushy. This dish tastes best when chilled for at least four hours before serving. Not only this, Chinatown BKK provides you with a different variety of herbal supplements including edible bird nests and Korean ginseng which are very good for your health.

 Serve up the Bkk with steamed white rice. Make sure that you have added plenty of ginger and garlic to the rice for a tangy twist. It is best served with roasted fish. However, you can easily transform this into a cold soup by using egg whites.


Toppings include shredded beef and cabbage. Make sure to garnish your soup with sliced scallions and red onions. A fresh bun is ideal for serving. The Chinatown Bkk can easily become a family favorite if you serve it with the right combination of toppings.


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