What documentation do I need to translate to get a Spanish Visa:

Applicants must submit their criminal record certificates and medical certificates.

What documentation do I need to translate to get a Spanish Visa:

When applying for a visa, you must provide all of the documents required to translate to get a Spanish Visa. The application for the Non-Lucrative Visa is done through the Spanish Consulate in London or the other Spanish Consulates situated across the UK depending on the place of residence. Applicants must attend the Spanish Consulate in person when applying for a Visa. The Consulate’s website provides the necessary information and forms to be completed by the applicant. Among the documents to be submitted to the Consulate, applicants must submit their criminal record certificates and medical certificates. The sworn official translation into Spanish of the English criminal record certificate is one of these documents that hardly anyone knows that they need to do.

Answering their question is very important to avoid surprises when applying for your Spanish visa.

When applying for the Non-Lucrative Visa, you need to bring several documents with you to the Spanish Consulate in London or to one of the other Spanish Consulates in the UK depending on where you live. You can get more information in the Spanish Government website :

·     Passport (valid at least 6 months and it should be signed, if not by yourself then by your legal representative);

·     Certificate from your local police station (stating that there's no record of criminal activity and, if applicable, whether you've been involved in any proceedings involving offenses punishable under community orders);

·     Proof of your legal financial means, such as employment contract or self-employment confirmation; bank statements or other third-party confirmation for the last six months; proofs of ownership and valuation of items if you're financially independent. These documents must be translated into Spanish by a sworn official translator and legalized at the relevant Consulate. - school certificates (translated and legalized); 

·     University qualifications (translated and legalized). The translation needs to be done by an official translator who holds a license from either The City of London office, which is responsible for licensing translators in this area or Ofqual, the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in Northern Ireland. 

·     Medical certificates (licensed from a UK General Practitioner);

·     Criminal record certificate (from the UK issuing authority, translated and legalized). In this case, you need an official translation made by a sworn translator who holds a license from either The City of London office or Ofqual.

You'll also have to submit two photos in color with their respective certifications. All documents must be presented in person at the Consulate during opening hours; you can't send them by email or post them beforehand. It's worth mentioning that all original documents must be submitted along with the translations and any photocopies of these documents.

To obtain a Spanish visa you are required to submit all the required documents.

Depending on where you come from, some more documentation needs to be provided in addition to your passport. The medical certificate needs to refer to international health regulations, therefore there are also legal terms to translate.

To get a visa to enter Spain, you need more than just the appropriate documentation from the embassy. The purpose of your visit needs to be considered, as well as if your stay is going to involve any employment. In many cases, it will also be necessary for you to provide a medical certificate, and more often than not you will have to supply proof that you have adequate funds available for your stay in Spain.

If this criterion has been met and your documentation is in order then all that remains is for you and anyone who is traveling with you or joining you later on - such as family members - must fill out an application for a visitor’s visa at the consulate or embassy closest to where they live.



If you are a businessman and need to get information for your company, more than likely you will have to translate more than one document. If this is the case, it's time to do some research about what documentation you need to hand in at the Spanish consulate when applying for a visa.

Here we show you more information that will help you out: - Translation of State Documents, Translation of University Diplomas, Translation of Birth or Marriage Certificates If you are an American citizen, well, lucky for you because all those documents can be translated by "Sworn Official Translators." This means they must go through a process to prove they know how to do their job properly as well as having previous knowledge about what they are translating. If you are a European citizen. It's more complicated and more likely that you will need to go through more than one translation service.

The reason being not all countries in Europe have the same rules for translations

 So each country can charge more money per document if they think it is more difficult to translate from English into Spanish. In any case, you'll find more information about this down below when we talk more about documents needing to be translated for different cases.

If your state requires an official sworn translation of certificates this means you will have to pay more money because the process is long and they have to prove their knowledge. These documents include birth certificates or death certificates in some specific cases. In more locations across the states, you can have your document translated by a certified translator.


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