Road Trip: Cleansing the Mind

As I write and you read, I am on a road trip. That is what this short blog post is about. 

I promised on my Facebook that I would post and I'm living up to that promise. Even if it is late. Better late than never. 

It's pretty late in England so it isn't really a blog about how amazing this trip is, instead it's about how a trip like this positively affects people. 

Everyone deserves a break every now and then. Whether it's from work, people, stress or all of the above. A short break away from the reality of life can be refreshing. 

Cruising down the motorway, listening to good music, surrounded by great company - there is nothing more cleansing for the mind than that. Life isn't about being stuck in one place for 60 years. It's about living and seeing the world from all perspectives. 

I've surrounded myself with people who allow me to do that. To see things I wouldn't normally see, to go places I wouldn't normally go - metaphorically and literally. 

I hate to be cliché, but you only live once. Take every opportunity you get offered and make the most out of life. Be happy. 

Published by Lucy Scoble

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