Self-Love and Acceptance - Do It!

Self-Love and Acceptance - Do It!

Self-Love and Accepting Yourself are very closely correlated and they’re both things you should be doing.

No. It isn’t egotistical for you to say you love yourself. It might be egotistical to say you love yourself because you’re perfect – come on, we’re all beautifully imperfect.

You should be loving every aspect of yourself, whether it’s your appearance, your religion, your sexuality, your personality, all of it. Love it all, why not? Someone else is going to fall in love with all your imperfections at some point in your life, so why shouldn’t you be able to love yourself?

Stop listening to the mainstream media. You don’t need to be skinny – girls and boys. You don’t need to be curvy either. You just need to be whatever you’re happy and comfortable with. You don’t need to wear what Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are wearing this week, you don’t need to cut your hair to the latest trend. You don’t need to like what everyone else likes. You don’t need to like the gender everyone expects you to like. You’ve not had sex? Cool. You’ve had sex with 28 people? Awesome. Just be you, accept that all these quirks are a part of you and get on with it.

We don’t need 7 billion people who all look, sound and act the same. Being the same is boring. Being different is unique and attractive.

Feelings and emotions are also something about yourself you need to learn to love. If you’re a hopeless romantic who likes fancy dates and cuddles, then embrace it and don’t let people tell you it’s ‘gay’ or ‘boring’. If you’re a care-free person who isn’t into all that soppy stuff, you embrace that too. You are not in the wrong or a bad person for feeling the way you feel and don’t ever let someone make you feel that you are.

I’m a sarcastic, non-soppy outcast, who is slightly overweight and spends all her time watching hot girls on TV and thinking she’s a total lad- and I love myself.

Don’t change. If someone can’t learn to love you the way you are, screw them. You love yourself, right? You’re perfectly imperfect.

Published by Lucy Scoble

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