My Tips for Long Healthy Nails

I miss having long nails, and it’s actually quite easy to achieve. The ultimate tip is to massage your finger nails (specifically cuticles) with olive oil or coconut oil (and love) every day before bed. Do it more frequently for even better results. Your nails would not only grow longer quicker, but also stronger and healthier.

Nutrition also plays a big role, one of the indicators I use to know if I am eating well is the quality of my nails - are they growing well? Do they look healthy? Are they strong? Usually your body would perhaps prioritise other areas of your body to provide certain nutrients to, so if your nails are healthy due to diet, it's a great indication of your overall internal health! Below are specific nutrients to help grow long, healthy nails (also good for your hair and skin!) which compromises of what I use in my diet as well as the top foods rich in those nutrients!


What worked for me – salmon, red meat, eggs, milk, organic butter, cucumbers, almonds, bananas

Other foods rich in biotin – seafood, meat, whole wheat bread, yoghurt, cheese, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, avocado, nuts, berries


What worked for me – salmon, eggs, milk, organic butter, oatmeal, spinach, watercress, hemp seeds, olive oil, cod liver oil

Other foods rich in omega-3 – sardines, fresh tuna, soy milk, yoghurt, flaxseed, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, kale


What worked for me – spinach, almonds

Other foods rich in zinc – beans, mushrooms, cocoa, cashews, pumpkin seeds, shell fish, red meat,pomegranates, avocado, berries


Nails are actually made of protein, specifically, keratin, therefore a consistent supply of protein will ensure that your nails will grow healthily and stay strong since it helps to create new body cells and repair tissue. Protein is rich in lean meats, chicken, sea food, nuts, dairy, soy beans, and whole grains.

Have fun making your nails look beautiful! What tips have worked for you?  For more beauty articles visit

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