No Labels

No Labels

I wish the world didn’t have any labels. If there were no countries, we would just call our world ‘Earth’, we would just call all living things ‘creatures’, because we’re all equal. We wouldn’t place names we can’t pronounce on people with health issues, because they’re just fine. We would stop judging people based on outwardly aspects and start discovering each other, feeling each other. We would view the killing of anyone to be unjust, not based on where they live. We would stand up for each other, without anything in return. 

We feel powerful when we know a little more about what we're dealing with, even if it's merely just an illusion, because that illusion creates our reality. Labelling gives us an extra sense of comfort to deal with the unknown. Rather than our eyes covered, and emotionally connecting to the unknown, our eyes are opened and the labelling process starts right there. It's superficial and it inhibits the depth of discovering each other. The labels we give are based on what? Upon what is fed to our brain. Aspects connected to fear, our past experiences, our lifestyle, what we hear and what we see. It is essentially a human defence mechanism. We like to give labels to everything, in order to feel more secure. We work on a basis of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, hence one of the first things you psychologically do when watching a movie is give these labels to the characters.

Labels may be a way to be more ‘civilised’ (another label), to put rules in society in order for us to live ‘correctly’ (not do ‘bad’ things). The government has the label of ‘power’ because without rules, we’d be so barbaric. But we already are barbaric. As liberated as our world may seem, it is becoming more and more entrapped, perhaps more so in a mental sense because we are fed what to think by the media. We're as barbaric as ever for holding it in, placing a lid on the simmering pot trying to look legitimate. The way our roads are constructed, so rationally, so 'organised' so 'perfect' but in fact, so entrapped. We are more confined as ever because ‘society’ is built upon image – what is labelled to be more 'legitimate', people with black suits and briefcases trying to look classy and smart, it’s a social construct based on mind control.

I wish the world didn't have any labels, a 'civilised' world that isn’t civilised in any way. A world where smartness is labelled upon the person with a PhD or someone who can use big, complicated words to trick you is superficial. A world where innovation means manufacturing new weapons that can kill more people with as little effort as possible is wrong. A world that does have money but chooses to spend it on being so technologically advanced rather than to feed its own people and then complain of an ‘economic breakdown’ is barbaric. A world where people are so ignorant of each other, they create barriers between each other due to race, religion, sex, gender, age, colour, whatever, is not civilised.

But I was wrong, I used ‘world’ in every sentence above and it’s not the world, it’s individual people. In fact, it’s not the individual people but it’s their individual choices because we’re all born innocent, we're born with a blank canvas, free of labelling and judgements. The very essence of organic purity. I sometimes seem like I've lost faith in humanity, 'what is going on with the world' is a phrase I often use, but I know the world is full of beautiful souls and I love them. I just want to see more unity, warmth, understanding, care, tolerance and above all, love because every one of us has the energy to do that. It's amazing how powerful each individual can really be, and the impact that each individual really has. Think about it - there is a chance of 1 in 400 trillion of you being born, then it must be for a reason. You have to truly live it, don't be confined in labels, be free, think freely, and don't blindly follow the mass because it seems 'okay' or because everyone else is going that way, so it's fine. Believe that you have the energy and the power to follow your own path, and to live it so passionately. We have the energy to put more love into this world. 

If you think otherwise, if you don't realise your true power and impact, know that you are living in a confined mentality. Is it being fed to you by the outer world, portraying what is the 'beautiful', 'successful', 'inspirational', 'intelligent', does that labelling and brainwashing cloud your true potential? Does it cloud the way you see yourself? Does it cloud the ability for you to dream or to always be hopeful? To set yourself free? We need to set ourselves free from any limitations we put onto ourselves and to realise what exactly we're feeding our minds. We need to know and be aware, and break the chains that society places on us. Be mentally free and not let labels confine us or control us. To me, freedom is everything, it's what I strive for, I hate control or being controlled. I crave it, I want to run away and be free from everything. On every level, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I want to be free. Even though I live in a 'liberated' place in the world, I can sometimes feel confined. I try my best to self-reflect and review myself, to find out what I need to do to let go of anything that's holding me back to be the best that I can be, to grow. Part of why I named my website 'our beautiful souls' is that I want to break down labels and what we see with our eyes, and to connect with each other on a more spiritual, emotional, and deeper level, beyond the physical, beyond the labels, because that way, we're all equal. Let's remove labels for a purer world.

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