How to Get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Virtual Number

How to Get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

Dec 17, 2021, 6:07:58 AM Tech and Science

Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who uses only one social network or messenger and has created only one profile. Almost all network users use the net for different types of communication including the support of private and business contacts. So, it is obvious that it is reasonable to be an owner of several profiles (private, working, etc.) in such programs as WhatsApp.

However, although WhatsApp has a lot of benefits and funs, the program is influenced by some advertising and identification regulations, which cause the blocking of one or even all profiles, which belong to one user.

Does your business really need a Whatsapp number?

Yes. Without a second it is a yes. A business, no matter big or small, cannot function adequately without a Whatsapp number. When you have an active WhatsApp account, it becomes easier for your customers to connect with you and get their queries solved in real-time. This process of incessant customer support establishes you as a trustworthy brand in the eyes of your customer, thereby helping you in customer retention. Some advantages of the same are:

Goodwill: Your customers trust you more, so they will talk good about you. When they can easily connect with you via WhatsApp and get active support, their first impression of you, which a faulty product might have created, is changed.

Smooth operations: You will not have a piled-up list of customer queries on your mails or website panel. A separate WhatsApp account helps you get rid of them. This smoothens the operations and fastens the processes.

Stronger customer support: We believe that this point has already been overstated by now. So, a virtual WhatsApp number is a must-have for all such purposes.

Customer retention: All these points of benefits are related to each other. There is nothing like a customer returning back and appreciating the promptness.

Due to the fact that any WhatsApp profile is linked to the phone number the banning of your accounts leads to the necessity to buy a new SIM card, which is quite expensive. Moreover, sometimes it is necessary to acquire even several SIM cards.

Fortunately, there is a solution provided by HotTelecom (official website - It is possible to use a virtual telephone number for WhatsApp.

Peculiarities of Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp

A virtual telephone number is a number, which is not tied to any phone line, phone company, or even a location. All you need to use it is to have a good Internet connection.

Pros of the online phone number for WhatsApp:

●       Possibility to login to your profile from any gadget

●       No SIM cards

●       Possibility to register multiple accounts

●       Useful for businesses because it allows creating a single communication network between workers

Furthermore, an online number increases the confidentiality level and allows to remain anonymous.

WhatsApp Virtual Phone Numbers by HotTelecom

To receive your WhatsApp virtual number you need to:

●       Register on the official website of HotTelecom

●       Select a number

●       Choose a region

●       Decide on the call forwarding direction

●       Choose the tariff plan and make a payment

It is possible to try a disposable virtual number service to understand if it is appropriate for you.


WhatsApp virtual numbers can be a bit tricky and peculiar at first, but once you get a hang of it, you will appreciate it. Now that you know what a WhatsApp virtual number is, why your business needs it and how can you get it, what is making you think further? Visit the sites as mentioned and get a virtual number right away.

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