My Top 6 favorite episodes of black mirror season 3

My Top 6 favorite episodes of black mirror season 3

Nov 2, 2016, 2:00:00 AM Entertainment

I'm someone that loves TV and movies, it's a love that i don't mention all that much in my writing. But now and again there's a show that grabs me in such a way that i feel the need to share my love of it, in this case i'm talking about the technologically twisted satire that I've fallen in love with, a show known as Black mirror. 

There's a lot I love about this show, I love the dark themes, I love the writing, I love the atmosphere, and if you haven't seen it before, please give it a chance, every episode is on Netflix, so I thought i'd rank this season, a couple of notes before I start.

1. There will be very minor spoilers, but if you want to go into this season completely blind, give this one a miss.   

2. This is my favorite episode list, not the best episode list, because to me that's a different list, I can acknowledge that my favorite episodes may not be the "Best" episodes in terms of story, or visuals or anything else, but these are the episodes I enjoyed the most.

3. All of these episodes are great, i love all of these episodes, this is just on how much I personally enjoyed it. Every episode of black mirror is worth watching in my opinion! So with that out of the way.

6. Men against fire 

A satire of the dehumanization of the enemy in war situations, Men Against Fire is my least favorite of this season of black mirror season 3. That's not to say it's bad as such, because to me at least, it really is a worthwhile episode. However, when it comes to comparing this to the of the season, it seems to be lacking. The twist is one that i guessed from the second it was introduced, which isn't always bad (We'll get to that soon enough) but in this case, it really is lacking, however, the cinematography was great, and the acting is top notch. My least favorite but still a solid episode!



Now from here on out this is pretty much nitpicking because I love every episode from here, but if I'm going to list these, I won't do joint entries. Also it's a bit of a cop out with 6 episodes! Nosedive to me is an amazing start to this awesome season of black mirror. Set in a world where what other people rate you according to an app, can cost you pretty much everything, this episode is a great satire of how other people rate us according to what we post online and what happens when we end up valuing ourselves based on those ratings, this episode is a funny, yet haunting story that is really easy on the eyes.

4.Hated in the nation 

From looking up some other people's takes on this episode, I can understand why a lot of people didn't like this one all that much. Sure it feels a lot more like an episode of CSI than it does a black mirror episode. But that's why black mirror works so well for me, when you think have an expectation of this show it goes and has an episode like this. The main theme of this episode is what happens when dog piling on someone for their views or mistakes is taken to the extreme. This is an example of me being able to figure out pretty much all of the twists and still loving every moment of it. This is the longest episode clocking in at 90 minutes, but I think without the last half hour this episode would have really suffered as it gives them a lot more time to give us a solid and harrowing ending. It's a story that really does make you think about the things you say online and the consequences even a hashtag can have on another person. 

3. Playtest

I love video games, like a lot. especially Horror games, so the idea of a game that plays off of your real life fears and worries scares me a great deal. The biggest problem this episode has in my eyes is pacing. The first half is pretty much all build up. I understand it's trying to flesh out the Characters, but it can take 10 minutes to say something that should take 5.  But when it gets going it really gets going. This to me is the scariest episode of Black Mirror to date, not just because of the CGI which in my opinion is pretty good for what they were going for, but for the last 20 minutes or so, as someone that very rarely gets distressed by shows or movies, this episode and the twist hit me on a visceral level, and is a great watch.

2.  San Junipero 


What can I say about this episode that hasn't been said a hundred times before? If this was a list of best written, most moving episodes, there's no doubt that this would be number 1.  San Junipero is funny, heartbreaking, stunning and a must watch for those looking for a love story with a dark twist. when I saw the plot synopsis I won't lie, I was ready to skip this one, but I decided to give it a chance, and I was so glad that I did. I love pretty much everything about this episode and in my mind, it's the most uplifting episode of Black mirror to date, the ending scene being a mix of heartwarming and somewhat disturbing when you actually think into it, but that might just be me, a must watch and a season highlight but not my favorite.   

1. Shut up and Dance

This episode. It may not be as visually interesting as Nosedive or San Junipero, or as deep as something like Men against fire. But no episode of this show has left me as haunted and genuinely disturbed as Shut up and Dance. The thing I love about this episode is, it's one of those that you need to watch it twice to get the full context, and when you do, every extra little part that you notice is like a kick to the gut, this was the episode that made me stop watching for a couple of days, because I was that thrown off. I love how this is something that could actually happen and there's no doubt in my mind that it does, I love how it reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of the show (White bear)  The satire of this one isn't a warning for the future as much as it is a reminder of the present. That we are in an age where our sins will never stay hidden forever, and if we don't come to terms with that someone will be more than happy to exploit those sins and mistakes, for personal gain or their own twisted amusement. Shut up and Dance is a great observation of how far some people would go to protect the darkest secrets in their lives but as the old song goes "What's done in the dark will be brought to the light." and is my favorite Season 3 Black Mirror episode. 

So this is my list of my favorite episodes of Black mirror season 3, What are your favorite episodes of this season and the show in general? Do you Disagree? Should i do more lists like this in the future? Let me know in the comments, But if you haven't seen this show yet, please give it a chance! 

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