The Legend of Usain Bolt

The Legend of Usain Bolt

Aug 20, 2016, 3:47:13 PM Sport


The Olympics is coming to a close in Rio and last night, the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt, blessed us with his gift one final time in the 4 x 100 M relay by anchoring the Jamaican sprint team to lead them to another gold medal. Usain Bolt is the first Olympic sprinter to achieve the ‘triple-triple’ in three straight Olympics (gold in 100M, gold in 200M, gold in 4 x 100 M relay).


What makes Usain Bolt great? Will there be another sprinter like him?

Let’s find out.


His name kicks off his legacy in the most appropriate way possible. Every single time the man steps on the track, lightning strikes across the sky and into his spikes as he ignites to bring home another gold to his beloved country of Jamaica. Usain Bolt is a naturally gifted athlete, however, everyone knows talent just does not cut it when it comes to striving for greatness. From a young age, Bolt knew he wanted to play competitive sports. His track and field career kicked off when Pablo McNeil, a former Olympic sprinter, recognized Bolt’s speed when playing cricket while attending William Knibb Memorial High School. Speed is a gift and Usain Bolt was born with an abundance of it. His first world appearance in track and field was 2001 for the IAAF World Youth Championships. He failed to qualify for the 200M running a ‘slow’ 21.73 seconds. Bolt was known to be a bit mischievous and lighthearted individual which would explain his stress-free mindset during the Olympics. He would continue to train and soon build his legacy. Then, like he did so often in all of his events, Usain Bolt started to pull away and the rest was history.

So, how incredible is Bolt’s 9 gold medals? Well, put it this way. Although Phelps has almost triple the number of gold medals, Bolt is a perfect 9 for 9 in gold medal attempts. And, if you’ve seen any of his races, Bolt has a tendency to look around and smile and celebrate before he even crosses the finish line. There’s a reason for his greatness and that comes with his ability to train harder than his competition. Just like any great athlete, the ones that exceed the norms and remain superior, Bolt has found a balance of being laid back and then kicking it to high gear when necessary.

His 6’5” stature allows him to glide through the 100M in 41 strides which is really hard to believe. Bolt holds the record for the 100M at 9.58 seconds and for the 200M at 19.19 seconds. So, you might be wondering. Now that Usain Bolt will hang up his spikes and not participate in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, will there be another dominant sprinter like him? My answer? Yes.

I don’t know when this will happen but Bolt is an athlete way ahead of our time. The Olympics reporters claimed that they did not expect to see a sprinter run Bolt’s time for another 25-30 years. It is evident that athletes nowadays are getting much faster and stronger, but the unprecedented speed of Usain Bolt will be tough to match. I am certain another sprinter will come along and eventually break Bolt’s records because that’s what records are for, to be broken and marveled at. No other sprinter will grin and carry a swagger quite like Usain Bolt did. His classic celebrations will truly be missed but so will his class act for his country and his love for his fans.

As an avid fan of track and field, I will miss you Usain Bolt. Thank you for the memories. You will always be known as the greatest to ever bless the track. You have captured all of our attention. Even though it only lasts for a few seconds during the races, your legend will reign forever.


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