The Power of White

The education system took a vow that many of us just fade out like background noise.

But those who have hidden amongst the shadows all their lives, they know the vow and they are disgusted by it. We took an oath before we stepped into that classroom yet on our desks we place the forbidden apple. We claim we are the tree of knowledge yet our roots have been harnessed by what society claims to be the truth.

Imagine this. A kid from what we call the projects comes in one day and the next day he’s got a knife to his throat but on the news it comes out that he was the instigator, the murderer, and we labeled him as convict. But he knows deep down, he did no wrong, he was just caught in between a world that hoists up yin and yang but whenever evil enters our hearts, the black becomes enemy and white becomes victim.

We claim ourselves to protect every single student based on values and merits and not based on the backgrounds they were born in. And after all, no one can change their own background, the color they were painted, but we forget all of our beginnings all started on the same blank canvas.

We claim we are colorblind, but way too often we see white over everything and the only time we see white reflect everything else is on the spectrum.

But on today’s spectrum, whatever happened to equality, why does it feel like one student needs to climb a mountain to prove his worth while the other took the elevator?

When one student’s success was pitied and the other expected,

The core within us now deemed common,

Standards no one can live up to judge our youth.

We stand up at the front of the classroom and we wear a mask.

Whether it’s cracking or actually becoming our face,

We face the true identity of what the education system has become.

A race where the gun went off, and some were killed by it, and others marched on only after the fact.


Published by Luke Lee


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