Reaching Your Dreams

Reaching Your Dreams

Jan 22, 2017, 6:31:09 PM Business

By Lynda Dell

You learn the most from your failures, providing that you actually take the risks.

Sometimes things don’t go according to your best laid plans. Forcing them to happen is not the best strategy. I know, I had this great idea, but when  implemented it  didn’t yield the results that I anticipated. I know forcing it down everyone’s throat who I know is certainly not the answer.

So what is? When forcing something to happen, you feel stressed out and anxious. However, when you have the mindset that you are  going to try something out and then give it time for the seeds to take root, then you allow the Universe to present opportunities, even bigger than you  could have even  imagined, according to New York Times bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur Mike Dooley. 

 In his book Leveraging the Universe 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic,  Dooley  says that  you need to look past your failures and learn from them. He began to engage the magic of Universe when he realized  that each turn of his internal GPS wasn’t necessarily  going to lead directly to his purpose.

 When he stopped getting bogged down by how things are going to play out and instead dedicated his time and effort to honing his talents, skills, and knowledge, he attracted opportunities that led to far more possibilities for him to live the   life of his dreams.

Often people who have an idea for starting a business begin by solving a problem. Then they discover that their idea  can help others, too. But when they  begin to ask questions and find  like-minded individuals, then dream seekers engage the magic of the Universe, adds Dooley:

“When you’re doing all you can, with what you have, from where you are… approaching people who are doing what you’re doing and have already blazed a trail,” then you will attract the people, circumstances, and events that lead you to your purpose.

The entrepreneurial process begins by clearly defining what you want to accomplish and taking baby steps every day toward that overarching goal, he notes.

But sometimes when something is not working as we intended, we get impatient and forget to connect the dots to see just how far we have come.

What happens when you connect the dots in your life? If you want to read about dreamers who are discovering  their passion or learn about  dream seekers who are realizing their dreams , then visit my Dare to Dream blog and check out my latest story: “A Soldier’s Journey to Social Consciousness.”

 My hope is to encourage the dreamers to take the risks and learn from the  dream seekers  who are  connecting the dots and want to guide others to discover their purpose and realize their dreams, too.


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