Tips For Working On Goals

My last article was about the preparation process necessary for achieving your goals.

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The decision to set new goals can be made at any time. The important factor determining your success is not that you must begin on New Year's Day, but that you prepare for success.

First, you need to take the 3 steps of




Then, you are ready to start planning on paper


Your notebook is the place to keep all notes, ideas, and anything that pertains to your goals.


Tips for working on your goals

Are you trying to work on all your goals and feel like giving up because it's just too much? Look at your list of goals and choose just one. For one month put your focus on taking specific action steps toward the one goal only.  This doesn't mean you forget about the other goals. Continue to work on collecting information and planning for all your goals. But don't act on those other goals yet. Full focus on one at a time. 

Please remember that any move in the direction of a goal is progress.
If things aren't going as well as you expected, don't get discouraged and give up. Keep going because each day is a fresh start. Be sure to take note of any and all steps you make in the right direction. At the end of the month make sure you reward yourself in some way for all progress you've made.  Celebrate all success no matter the size ❄❄❄

A new month means moving on to the next goal on your listContinue what you have been doing in the first month while starting action on your second goal. Also, be sure to continue writing ideas for any other goals in your notebook.

Keep adding to your notebook and be open to anything that applies to any of your goals. Think about books, magazines, websites and other places to find helpful information. If you are on Pinterest you should create a board for each goal. Then whenever you happen upon something pertaining to a particular goal, just pin and you've got it ready for later.  You could also add a Pinterest board for the purpose of collecting ideas to celebrate your success.

Tip #1  Focus on 1 goal for 1 month

Tip #2  Celebrate your progress

Tip #3   Keep going

Tip #4  Collect for later


How about you and your goals?

Please share questions, comments or your tips about goals in the comments below.






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