A Comprehensive Review of The Fluffy Favourites Payline Slots

A Comprehensive Review of The Fluffy Favourites Payline Slots

Jan 16, 2020, 6:03:48 PM Business

Advancements in technology and gaming in specific have progressed at a rapid rate. Just a few decades ago we enjoyed playing games on Atari, Sega, and PS 1, and the world marveled at how cool these games were. By modern standards, these old-school games had very limited graphics and gameplay ability but were still a ton of fun and caught on at a global level.

Casinos are also a form of gaming and it wasn’t long before casino games were introduced on PC, consoles, and mobile phones. Casino lovers could now play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their home with just as much fun and excitement. Modern graphics, smooth gameplay, groovy sounds, and music, mixed in with the arcade feel allow for the next best thing to the live casino experience.

Review Of The Fluffy Favourites Slots

Fluffy Favourites is a five reel, 25 payline slot game developed by Eyecon. This fun and visually appealing slot game is based on a carnival theme and features a ton of cute animal-based characters that serve as the game’s high-value symbols.

Fluffy Favourites is a highly engaging and entertaining online slot game that also comes with different features that include bonuses, scatter presents, free spin modes, as well as, a gambling feature.

If you have heard enough and wish to play the game now visit KERCHING. If you would like to know more about the game beforehand we have broken our review down to cover the most important features of the game.

Graphics & Gameplay

Fluffy Favourites holds true to the vintage approach and retro appeal to online slot games with fun and loveable animal dolls and a broad range of colors to make the games that much more exciting and visually appealing. The game has also unique touches such as hand-drawn illustrations for both the symbol and the reel set. The graphics aren’t the best we have ever seen but are definitely cute and colorful enough to make for a thoroughly enjoyable slot’s experience.

The BONUS Features!!

What do all casino lovers love? That’s right! Winning and Bonuses!! Who can say no to free spins and cool money bonuses? Fluffy Favourites offers free spins based on the criteria of landing at least three pink elephants anywhere on the reel to trigger a bonus round. The free spin criteria are as follows:

  • 15 FREE spins for 3 Pink Elephants

  • 20 FREE spins for 4 Pink Elephants

  • 25 Free spins for 5 Pink Elephants

Once the bonus round is initiated your winnings are trebled leading to much higher payouts and altogether more exciting gambling experience. The bonus round is definitely one of the most rewarding and entertaining features of this game.

The Toybox Pink Feature

Another cool and interesting feature of the game includes a claw scatter symbol that if landed grants prize picks just like the arcade claw games found in malls. However, Fluffy Favorites version is a lot more rewarding than those almost impossible claw games found at malls and arcades. When this is triggered one is awarded a multiplier that can be up to 100x your wager leading to huge winnings!


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