5 Tips to Use Mirrors Efficiently In Small Spaces

5 Tips to Use Mirrors Efficiently In Small Spaces

Jul 10, 2017, 9:51:44 PM Life and Styles

Huge sized windows and very high ceilings are undoubtedly the best solution for tight spaces, well placed mirrors however are on the equal level of importance if not more. Mirrors when done right have the ability to expand the walls, amplify the light effect, break up visual muddle and solve numerous design confusions. Small homes and spaces are quite common in the modern expensive world. With the prices of houses increasing ever so much, people are forced to get small houses that have very limited space to work with.

There are a few tricks modern designers will tell you that can make even the small spaces not only look bigger but also provide much functionality as well. Some of these involve mirror placement in various places within the small spaces. Here are few effective tips to use mirrors efficiently in small spaces:

Large Floor Length Mirror behind a Furniture Piece in a Tight Space

Large wall mirrors behind a quality piece of furniture have the ability to give purpose to the furniture and make the wall look good at the same time. They can reflect light in just the right directions to make the room appear bigger and also provide functionality of the mirror as well. The perfect spots for this type of an implementation is the entry console as in a smaller home with tighter spaces, these are generally tucked or hidden away wherever some space is found. A large mirror at the landing strip that is often the garage in modern smaller houses can also work wonderfully well in order to boost the design appeal and also bring a little functionality to the otherwise overlooked wall and space. Make sure to attach the mirror using sturdy brackets that can hold the weight of the mirror easily.

Mirror behind a Light Source

Light sources like delicate light bulbs, candles or even the hanging chandeliers provide an excellent opportunity to be utilized as much more than just a simple old light source. By placing a large mirror behind them (on the wall right next to them) will not only reflect their light elegantly all across the room but will widen the view of the room as well making it appear much more spacious than it actually is. This will provide a much refreshed look as well and the color of the light will shine at every corner of the room in the most delightful way. Considering the light and space expanding advantage with this implementation, this is one of the better tips to use mirrors efficiently in small spaces.

Mirror Next to or Across the Main Window to Create another Window

This one is a bit tricky to explain, however when done right, it creates a dual window effect and widens the windows even more. Put a large tall mirror on the corner side of the wall adjacent to the main window in a way that the outside view is partially visible in the mirror. Anyone in close proximity, looking at the window will be able to enjoy the outside view from the window and also from the mirror that is facing the window in such a way that it shows the outside part of the surroundings that might not be visible from the window easily as well. Not only will this expand the view but will also illuminate the room much more than what it used to be before its implementation. Place a small sized sofa or a chair in front of the window and mirror to further make the outside view more enjoyable.

Elegant Mirror Wall

Here we don’t only mean just a single gigantic wall mirror. Rather what we mean is to create a beautiful, elegant and somewhat traditional looking mirror wall. By placing a set of mirrors to cover up the entire size of the wall (although they should be equally spaced and look symmetrical), no matter how small the wall is, the effect created will make it look far wider than it actually is. The other plus side of this is that you will have to turn much less lights on in the room as the mirrors will effectively function as secondary light sources and reflect all the light falling on their surfaces in all directions efficiently. One of the best implementations of this is to use large panel antique mirrors (if you can find that many). Regardless of the furniture and other decorative things theme in the room, this setting will look good on its own and will make the rest of the theme setting shine much brighter than it would without it. Search on the web for some 80s suburban townhouses and you will know exactly what we mean. Throw in some beautiful artistic paintings in the middle of the mirrors wherever you think they can fit without disorientating the view at all for some added uniqueness.

Include a Mirror on an Art Wall, Patterned Wall or into a Shelf Arrangement

Art walls, patterned walls or shelf arrangements are all or one of them is found in almost every house. The beauty with them is that they can complement the room much efficiently while looking good on their own as well. However one of the better tips to use mirrors efficiently in small spaces is to use them on one of these walls in whatever room one of the above mentioned walls are present. A gallery style art grouping can be formed easily by putting a mirror on an art wall without making it look too claustrophobic. A wallpaper or texture patterned wall will behave much the same with the presence of a large mirror on it. A glass shelf arrangement however is a little bit different than the other two mentioned here. Usually the shelf arrangements are not too huge, in the living rooms they can be found in some good size proportions. A small or medium sized antique artistic mirror with a beautiful frame has the ability to not only bring functionality to that shelf arrangement but also shine in such a way that the whole setting grabs much more attention. Effective use of mirrors will bring life to all these mentioned wall settings indeed.

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