How to Attract More Customers with Custom printed boxes?

How to Attract More Customers with Custom printed boxes?

Dec 4, 2018, 8:49:06 PM Business

Since many companies have dived into the market of custom boxes, the competition is increasing day by day. Everyone is trying to come up with creative and innovative ideas of making their custom boxes the best ones so that they can increase their value in a market. Along with making their product more valuable and noticeable, they are working on making it look attractive when it hits the door of customers. That’s why the market of custom boxes is changing day by day thus bringing a lot of changes.

If you want to get your company custom boxes to market your brand in a better way, those boxes must be attractive to the customer.  To make them attractive and eye-catching, printing is the most common thing. But the design you choose must not be common. It will make your custom boxes different from all. The more creative and innovative the design will be, the more it will attract the customers and make your brand unique.

Now, lets’ see what you can do to make attractive custom printed boxes for your customer. Here are a few things that will surely help you increase your sales and make the packaging attractive:

The Material:

While going for custom printed boxes, choose a good quality material. The material reflects your reputation and cares for the customer. Also, you need to keep your product safe and secure. So, you must choose the finest material keeping your product in mind. Although you want to save as much money as you can, don’t compromise quality for the money. In the long run, the quality will help you get more business. So, choose the material which is reliable and protective for the product you are enclosing in it.


Now for the custom printed boxes, the print is the most creative part.  When you look at a wall, a box, a pen or anything, you get amused by the print it has. The print matters a lot as it depicts your brand’s choice and the sense of style. Keeping your competitors in mind, choose a design different from what they have chosen. Use different colors, cuts, and sizes to appeal to your customer as much as you can. Your custom printed boxes should be the one that makes the customer recommend your brand to others. Suitable elegant finishing gives a decent look. 


Everyone has a different choice when it comes to colors. Some like dark ones, some prefer lighter ones. You should give yourself some time to think about what color would you like your custom printed boxes to be? Should it be the dark one, or the lighter one, or something in between? Create a midway and choose the most appropriate color according to your company. Think of the color that represents your brand in a better and attractive way. It should be eye-catching.

Shape and Sizes

Now while choosing the best custom printed boxes, shapes and size play a big role. Now that you have selected the best color with the most elegant print, the size and shape can still ruin the scene. Your small product can’t be enclosed in a big box. Similarly, if you want to put some details on the box or some description, a smaller box would not be a good choice. Choose the size and shape of the box appropriately regarding the type of product you are enclosing.

Innovative Message

The most effective and beautiful way of enhancing a box is by putting a message printed on it. A message means a statement that is directed to the customer and doesn’t include a large description or details about the product. People get bored when they have to read long descriptions on the box. However, a small interactive and unique message will play a good role.


No one likes to be stagnant. Try to be innovative with the design and structure of the box. You can stick to one color, one logo, but changing the style, design, and size plays a big role. People might get bored of receiving the same packaging every time. To give them new experience and surprise, keep on changing from time to time. This way the customers will remain engaged and wait for the new packaging every time they order.


 Who doesn’t like surprises? To make your custom printed boxes more attractive, you add a little perk to it by adding a surprise note, product, or anything that excited the customer. You don’t need to give costly products in the form of surprise. It could be a little note inside, or a card maybe. In any way, you get the attention of the customer and a trust for the brand.

Long Lasting

Make sure the box you send to the customer remains intact for a long time. Usually, when we have boxes in our house, we use them for variant purposes. Now, if you have a good box that you are using, again and again, you would admire its quality and the brand associated with it. Moreover, wherever the box goes, it makes your brand visible.

No doubt the market is crowded with different custom printed boxes variety, but the competition enforces you to think of innovated and creative designs to make your brand look unique and attractive. After all, the whole purpose of this effort is to make your customers happy.   

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