How to improve your SEO?

How to improve your SEO?

Jan 9, 2019, 7:30:23 PM News

You can follow some steps to make better SEO skills. it will let you achieve higher ranking in Search Engines. Do you know many small small mistakes can be harmful for our sites. If you are trying to rank your blog or website you have to give attention some parts. Let's come discus about how can you improve your SEO.and how to take advantages by providing SEO Services

Content Relevancy  

You have to know that content relevancy is most important for your website. If your content is not relevant with your website then it will be fail you to achieve higher ranking in SERP. if your site have Qualited content it will also increase traffic for your website, and traffic will help to increase your site trusts, DA( Domain Authority).

You have to write according to user what user want, and how he search about page in Search Engines. Don’t forget to use H1,H2 or bold and heading tags to highlight the keyword phrases. You have to use a normal language which can be easily understand by user. You have to write best for user not for a Search Engines.

Regular update Content

You have probably feel that user noticed very strongly about content. Search Engines also do, same. You have to regular update content, it is also viewed as the best indicators of site’s relevancy, so keep it fresh always.

Link - worthy Site

Try to use proper relevant text with a link, which is relevant to your website . Don't use like “visit our website”, “Click here”. It has not any “Search Engine value” behind the attached URL. whereas rich with keywords increase your ranking in Search Engines. You should always use Descriptive keywords for your website. It will not only improves your SEO it will also add values for readers.

Adjust site navigation and internal Link

Site navigation plays an important role in Search Engine to consider each page. simply, if your page is linked with your website. then more page will rank flow it has higher. then it will be rank in Search Engines results for relevant Queries.

To identify your site navigation, structure and page rank you can use a tool like Siteliner, screaming frog. It is not important to identify the output pages or not also having a little content on them, that receive a high volume in inbound links.

  • Do not index that pages, have duplicate content.

  • Use various wordpress plugins, such as Yoast SEO accomplish Easily.

Be careful with these steps. If you are improperly using these Nofollow or noindex attributes it can instantly decrease your website rankings, or can be penalize your website by Search Engine

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