Top 5 Benefits of Studying In Canada for Students from Dubai

Top 5 Benefits of Studying In Canada for Students from Dubai

Jun 1, 2018, 9:41:28 PM Business

Regardless of the fact that most of the world is always looking for a holiday tour to Dubai, the local people having seen and been to everywhere the beautiful warm destination has to offer are always on the lookout for abroad tourism getaways. Just the preferences from people who live in colder places of the world are to visit warmer places, Dubai based people who have had too much of the sun and its warmth prefer cooler places where they can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting sunburnt at all. Fortunately, the world has to offer everyone just what they might want and Canada is one such place that is always on the priority list of Arabs from Dubai.

However, getting your visit visa to Canada from Dubai will take a few steps and if you have done it before, the process will be nothing more than getting your passport stamped for the visa tenure. You will need to find the best visa consultants in Dubai if you are applying for the first time, yet you will find that even the application process is not as complex as some of the other countries of the world. If you are wondering why is Canada a great tourism spot for people from Dubai? Consider the following reasons:

Affordable Necessities

Canada is one of the better developed parts of the world and yet all the basic necessities including hotels, travelling around, food or shopping are much more affordable than some other markets of the world. You can find cheap high quality accommodation that includes food and travelling around expenses as well in Canada along with many other amenities that are usually charged highly at other places around the world.

This feature of having affordable necessities is one of the major reasons why is Canada a great tourism spot for people from Dubai, and when you factor in the lesser amount of air tickets most airline services to Canada provide especially if you are flying from Dubai, the offer sounds even more attractive and beneficial for users.

Easy Visa Application Process

Beautiful parts of the world like Europe, UK, most parts of Asia and even the Middle East itself, have imposed such complex visit visa rules and regulations that it usually takes applicants a great amount of time just to get everything up and ready. Even preparing all your documents for an application to be submitted is a great hassle and yet Canada is one of the easiest embassies if you want to apply for a visitor visa.

The only few documents you are required to show or submit with your application are:

  • Your passport including the passports or travel documents of all your family members if you are traveling with them
  • A hotel booking or a relative or friend sponsorship from Canada explaining where you will be staying while your Canadian holiday tour
  • A bank statement or proof of the required finances that you will be spending while you are on your trip

Be sure to consult with your immigration and visa consultants and prepare your application in a way that it gets instantly approved.

More Chances of Positive Answer from the Authorities

Having collected all the documentation and paperwork for your Canadian visit visa application, the next step is to submit the application. You can do it online or send everything including the application form by post to the authorities and all Dubai based applicants will be happy to know that because the Canadian embassy in Dubai doesn’t get too busy with applications, applicants get very quick and usually positive answers for their applications.

When you compare the statistic with any other part of the world like the UK, Australia, Europe or even the Middle East, you will find that Canada allows a lot more visitors into the country and supports tourism as one their major assets at the same time.

Preferred Climate during the Canadian Summer

If you are coming from a much warmer place like Dubai or the rest of the Middle East for that matter, the automatic preference for your holiday getaway will be to a place that has much different climate. Colder or cooler places of the world will be preferred and Canadian summer is known for its charming welcome and perfect weather conditions that feel much cooler to Dubai based people.

Temperature in the summer remains in the high 20s and can even go in the range of early 30s with a cool permanent breeze making people feel great and fresh at all times. The lush green fields and manmade beautiful architectural breakthroughs the country has to offer, all add up and provide a great experience for visitors during the summer.

Visit Visa Allocation Is Longer Than Other Countries

Where some other parts of the world only allocate a visit visa for a few weeks, a month or three months in some cases, Canadian embassy is likely to allocate a visit visa for a whole lot of six months if your application from Dubai meets all the required criteria. This not only provides you enough time to make all your plans but also provides enough of a timeframe for even a second visit if your get the first one early enough and the second one is what you prefer.

Alternatively, you can spend the whole summer of Dubai in Canada in a much colder cooler climate enjoying everything the country has to offer. After you return from your first visit visa and then apply again after a while, the embassy is likely to extend the duration of your visit visa to a whole year. This keeps on increasing and ends up close to five years once the embassy develops a level of trust with you.

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