Sweet home, Alabama? Oops, we didn't mean to go to Alabama!

The car was packed, the kids were strapped in, and all was good to go as we backed out of the garage to start our mini spring break road trip to Chattanooga.  We got on the interstate and John made a business call while I attempted to keep the kids quiet.  Sawyer kept throwing her bottle, Austin's earphones kept falling out, and Larson was already ready for a snack.  It was only 8:30 a.m.  I spent majority of the first 30 minutes of our road trip facing backward in the front passenger seat trying to meet all the kids' needs.

I put one of Sawyer's headbands on Austin to help make his earphones stay in his ears.

John finished his phone call and I finally faced forward and started to enjoy the quietness in the car.  I dug through my purse, full of all the last minute mischelanious items that were thrown in on the way out the door, and found my new People magazine with the newest Bachelor couple on the front page.  

As I turned to the first page, John pointed out the new rocket ship that was built on the side of the interstate.  I agreed that it must be new because I had never seen it before on our previous trips to Chattanooga.  I continued to glance at my magazine when it occurred to me!  I remember seeing a sign about fifteen minutes earlier that said, "Welcome to Alabama!"  Considering we live in Nashville, Alabama was not part of our route.

We made it all the way to Huntsville, Alabama before we could re-route our way back up to Chattanooga where our hotel waited for our arrival.  It truly is amazing what multitasking and lack of concentration can do to your brain!  The bright side of this story is that our kids can now say they have been to the great State of Alabama even if it was only for a few hours.  Plus, they got an extension to their road trip time- meaning they got to watch more movies!  

...and most importantly we made it to Chattanooga just in time for the Baylor  Game.  Sic Em Bears!

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