Three-legged dog rescues one-legged man

Three-legged dog rescues one-legged man

Our family rescued Finley, a Pomeranian mix, in 2012 right after one of his back legs was amputated. Now Finley comes to my rescue following a major revision surgery to my amputated leg.

John & Finley are both missing legs but balance each other out

John & Finley Mabry are both missing legs but balance each other out

We're not exactly sure of all details, but the story goes that Finley broke his right hind leg somehow when living with his original owner. Apparently they did not tend to it for several weeks and turned him in to the shelter once they realized they didn't want to or couldn't afford to get it fixed. Then poor Finley, who loves life and is ALWAYS  happy, was forced to endure the emotional turmoil of being abandoned by his family, sitting in caged-in solitude, while suffering from the pain of compound fractures. He sat in that misery for a few more weeks before help came.

The help came in the form of an angel named Rafi, who is the Founder & Director at Willie's Happy Endings Senior & Special Needs Animal Rescue. Rafi assisted in getting Finley the proper care for his severely fractured leg, which resulted in an amputation. After a few weeks of healing from the procedure, the Mabry family was able to take Finley home to his FUR-ever home. He blends in with out family perfectly, considering the fact that we already have a three-legged dog, Cubbie, who we adopted about nine years ago.

This story comes full circle following a revision surgery I had a few weeks ago to the leg I had amputated in 2001 from a fatal car accident I fortunately survived. Going through this recent surgery has brought back a lot of anger, sadness and depressive thoughts from having to still deal with so much chronic pain for such a long time. I'm emotionally exhausted and fed up with having my body fail me once again. I mean, this is my 25th operation, and I don't know how many more I have left in me.

Given all that, I am grateful for my pal Finley! He has been through so much, too, yet he always has that huge smile on his face. When I get down or feel alone I can grab a hold of my buddy and he makes everything alright. Some might say that I rescued him, but I say he's rescuing me.

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