Who's Going to Win the Mabry's 60-Day Fitness Challenge, John or Sarah?

Who's Going to Win the Mabry's 60-Day Fitness Challenge, John or Sarah?

It's safe to say that most people are not at their ideal level of fitness or weight, and we are not exceptions. So we are publicly announcing our specific goals for the next 60-days and hope you will join in with us to meet some of your health and nutrition goals.

Sarah will be using Beachbody's PiYo DVD series as her daily guide. Given John's physical limitations with just having had surgery and not being able to wear his prosthetic leg at all during this time frame, he is going to adapt workouts based on how his body feels each day.

Sarah's Goals:

  • Restore total self-confidence
  • Regain vibrancy she had prior to having her third child just 10-weeks ago
  • Lose the remaining 12-14 lbs of baby weight

John's Goals:

  • Limit or stop eating unhealthy amounts of sugar at night
  • Lose 5-7 lbs of fat
  • Bench press 205 lbs
  • Have defined 5-pack (that's right, 5-pack. John had one of his ab muscles removed in a medical procedure in 2001)

If you were going to pick one or two health-related goals to make over the next 60-days, what would they be? If you tell us what they are we'll help support and encourage you to hit them.  If you don't let us know what they are we can't help you. So come on, leave a comment right now for at least one goal you'd like to carry out in term of health, fitness or nutrition in the next two months! Let's have some fun with this!

John & Sarah

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