Easy and Simple Ways To Install Clip-In Extensions

Easy and Simple Ways To Install Clip-In Extensions

Oct 20, 2021, 1:23:50 PM Life and Styles

No matter how many people swear it's easy, starting a journey can be a little bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, we got you and have put together a practical, easy, and simple way of installing Clip-Ins.

Clip-Ins are versatile hair extensions that can be easily worn and taken off in minutes. These flexible hair accessories are perfect for looking Chic without pain, hair damages, and breakage. These hair extensions can be amped up with hair accessories and styled in a variety of ways.

To start enjoying your Clip-In extension, here are some easy and simple things to take note of

There are different ways to install your Clip In Extensions. You can

  • The Braid Down Method
  • The Loose Hair Method

The Braid Down Method

This method of Installing Clip-Ins is quite popular as it allows you to be flexible with your style. The clips Ins are to be installed following the pattern of your protective style. If you're wearing your extensions as a partial protective style, you'll want to install your clip-ins using the Braid Down Method.

To install your Clip-In Extension using this method, you will need to.

Braid Your Protective Style:

It is obvious, I know. 

However, when braiding your protective style, you will need to remember not to braid it too tight or be confined to one style. With the Braid Down Method, you can be as creative with your protective style as much as you want.

Next time, when getting ready to fix those clips In Extensions, remember, You are in control. Be creative

Start With The Nape Of Your Neck

Just like building a house, it is important to get the foundation right. Starting at the nape helps form a strong base. When Installing these Clip-Ins, it is important to start simple and avoid crowding that area. You can always fill in if you don't feel like you got the desired volume.

It is preferable to fill in rather than struggling to remove those clips and get your extensions re-aligned.

Fill It In

Depending on the style or pattern you've created with your braided hair, you can fill in with your clip In Extensions. Regardless of whether you are leaving some hair out or going all in, create layers and fill it in until you achieve the volume and length you desire.

The Loose Hair Method

With this clip In hair method, you can add these extensions to your hair directly without braiding.

If you intend to leave your natural hair out, use the Loose Hair Method. This is the quickest method for installing clip-ins and a great way to add volume and length to your natural hair.

To successfully achieve this look, you need to.

Prep Your Hair:

Before you begin Installing your Clip-Ins, you will need to prepare your hair. Taking out the tangles and getting your hair ready to blend with your extension is important; you don't want your hair sticking out when you want it to blend in, and vice versa.

Divide Your Hair Into Parts

With the loose hair method, it is important to part your hair into sections. These parts will help your Clip In Extensions to sit perfectly with your natural hair.

Start At The Nape

As with the Braid Down Method, begin attaching these clips Ins at the nape and work your way up.

Blend It In

Continue working in a u-shape pattern around your head to ensure your clip-ins blend from front to back and top to bottom.

After you've installed your clip-ins, you can curl or style them as desired.


There you have it, a simple guide to installing your Clip In Extensions and effortlessly achieving your desired look.

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