12 interesting facts about Spain

12 interesting facts about Spain

  1. The Spanish name for Spain is España
  2. The average life expectancy of people in Spain is 82
  3. The Spanish language is spoken in many areas of the world due to the early influence of the Spanish Empire
  4. The Puerta del Sol (“Gate of the Sun”) plaza in Madrid is the physical center of the country
  5. The population of Spain in 2012 was around 47 million
  6. 58 million tourists go to Spain every year, making it the fourth most visited country in the world
  7. In Spain they drive on the right-hand side of the road
  8. Spain is the only country in the EU, along with Portugal, where life imprisonment has been abolished
  9. It is believed that modern humans first arrived in Spain around 32,000 years ago
  10. Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain (3718 m, 12198 ft) and an active volcano
  11. The Pyrenees is a mountain range that divides Spain and France
  12. Most of Spain was under Muslim domination from 711 to the mid-11th century

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