Calming Camomile Porridge

I've been getting through camimile tea by the bucket recently so thought why not try it in porridge form? This bowl of oats was just as comforting and calming as a big cup of tea, and topped with chia seeds, cacao nibs and fresh fruit (plus dark chocolate because treat yourself) its also a really healthy breakfast. 


1 cup of camomile tea (plus the teabag)

1/2 cup rolled oats

1 teaspoon honey


splash of almond milk

banana slices


chia seeds

dark chocolate pieces

cacao nibs

For the porridge, soak the oats in the camomile tea with the teabag overnight. In the morning (or whenever you want your porridge) discard the teabag heat the oats and tea in a pan until warm and creamy. Stir in the honey, then transfer to a bowl and add the toppings (I warmed up the berries in the microwave first). Enjoy! 

Published by Maddy Kent


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