3 Types of Bookworms


It's been a while. I've been traveling and reading and doing a bunch of college stuff. And also I've been taking and editing pictures for my new instagram account (@snorting.pics if you're interested).

So here's a little first adventure of the summer back in June:

My friends and I decided to go to the Renaissance Festival but we tried going on a Friday because we misunderstood the website and so we were about an hour from our homeland. What do we do? Hit up a bookstore that’s like 15 minutes away of course.

After driving around a shopping center for like 15 minutes because we three are extra blind combined, we found the Barnes & Noble. (The GPS just left us hanging and was like “On your right. Byyeeee”) In our defense, the store used like some different font and color for the logo and it wasn’t big and BARNES & NOBLE.

So yea. Anyways. We’re in there and we find the Young Adult/Fiction/Fantasy section and we’re hanging out there. That’s our domain. But there was a mother and a young girl walking around too exploring the books all calm like and well…normal. But they walked in on something like this:

Gwen: Oh my god! This book! The size! The color scheme! Yes! It’ll fit perfectly on my bookshelf! I love this cover more than the other version! *tilts book horizontally* It’ll go right there next to [insert book name].

Sarah: Paperbacks! Where is the paperback version of this?! Poems! Gay! LGBT! Yess! I met this author. She was so chill! Paperbacks! When is the next book for this series releasing?! I need the paperback!

Me (Madelyn): *spins around with Goodreads pulled up on phone* Where is it?! I just saw the book out here! I need to know the title so I can check if it has a 4 star rating on Goodreads and if it’s worth my money! Ah! [Later on] *Spins around with book in hand trying to put it back* I am looking for a gap! Jesus! Where were you?! I need to find the K section!

I’m pretty sure there was some aggressive growling and squealing over the books too. We don’t have a bookstore in our city. Please help us. You can’t take us anywhere.

Also to that mom in the bookstore: I’m not sure if your child will turn out like us. But it’s a good thing. Haha, please do not be scared and allow her to continue reading books and encourage that love.

Oh, and we did come back to Fairburn to go to the Renaissance Festival the next day on Saturday. It was fun and we bought flower crowns to be pretty fairies.

Which one of us was you or how do you act in a bookstore (probably like mature and normal adults unlike us)?

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