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A bit un-content, sometimes searching for the next thing, but always up for an adventure.

Perhaps it is cliché, but a scrape with cancer, which thankfully was not serious has taught me to embrace life.  I have promised myself to take the opportunities presented to me and see where they lead. I love to be out of the house and enjoying life. If you have landed on my blog you will read about horseback riding, skydiving, camping, climbing and any other silly thing I try to do.

I was born in Montreal, Canada but grew up just outside Toronto, Canada. I love to write, which is ironic given that I am mildly-dyslexic, but it doesn’t stop me.  I have an diploma in print -journalism, a honours degree in political science and criminal justice & public policy, and a post-graduate certificate in public relations and communication. I work as a communication coordinator for an awesome agricultural organization that is pretty much my dream job.

I have not really grasped how not to do things and relax.  This is likely not the greatest quality, but it keeps me looking towards the next great adventure. 

You can read more about my adventures at:

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