A Call to #SaveArroceros

A Call to #SaveArroceros

Nov 5, 2017, 7:53:04 AM Opinion

The world is as important as any celebrity, government conspiracy and the likes. I may not have the loudest voice or the most influential blog online, but I do have a voice.

Tonight, I wanted to share something different from the stereotype writings which I feature. Forgive me, I don't mean to belittle my own feature articles, however I do think that there are far more important issues to focus upon.

Yet, since I do not have the complete details to write about this issue. I can only merely contribute to spread awareness and call upon everyone who is able and capable of helping out.

A few days ago, I found this link shared from a friend of mine on Facebook. The post is a petition on change.org under the title #SaveArroceros.

Here is a brief excerpt from the petition about the park:

"The Arroceros Forest Park or the "Last Lung of Manila" is uniquely the last remaining forest park in the capital city of the Philippines. "

Source: Change.org petition to #SaveArroceros


If you wish to read more about it. Please do sign the petition and share it to your friends who care about the environment.

The Philippines may be just a fraction of a puzzle piece on earth but, every piece of this world counts.

I can't state to stress further the importance of every tree and molecule in a level of professionalism. However, as a citizen and part of the human race. I vow to help as much as I can. No matter how big or little the cause maybe.

Help save the world.
Help save the environment.
No matter where you are.
Sign, share or Donate for a greater cause.

We only have one planet-- and even if science evolves to ship us out of this dying world.
We only have one EARTH-- which we all call home.

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