Fatality by BRIDGE

Fatality by BRIDGE

Aug 28, 2017, 6:46:38 AM Creative

Here I am, just a worthless fool
dreaming of yesterdays hopes with you
I wanted to believe in this promise
hoping that one day it would come true

I recall the day we first met and I simply said,
there you are standing out again
looking so simple yet so amazing
Yet I still wonder why I fell for you

When all you did was lie to me

but I can’t help but forgive you,
all the pain disappear,
even when I want to hate you,
coz all I wanna do is love you,

so here I stand, waiting in line wishing
fatality’s broken promise
hoping one day you’ll see me again…

with the promise to…

A second chance to love you,
A second chance to feel you,
A second chance to say,

Here’s my heart, I trust you.
Please don’t let us disappear
coz even if my hearts breaking
let’s do this again–
I love you


Published by Magsi Rover

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