Moonlight Reprise

Moonlight Reprise

Feb 28, 2017, 8:09:07 AM Entertainment

Moonlight Reprise

The Moon pinned quietly above the midnight sky,
While she hovers through the starry night,
waiting patiently as she watches the world. 
she listens to the humming tunes
of people talking in their sleep.
Under her breath, she then whispers:
"Ah, What music to my ears."
She thought about a few things in her own twisted ways
Of how vulnerable and brutally honest people become
whenever they dream in their dreams...
However, there are times that she feels shy...
bashful to an extent of the few people who glorify her presence
She hides away behind the clouds when stars do not shine...
In her heart, a pang of guilt.
As she is aware of her influence over some...
Who lay awake at night restless...
dreamless, hopeless and drowning...
Everytime she rises up, in different faces...
She wishes if only she could find the one that whispers her name...
 their musings pitiful, 
Not a rambling close to her concern,
She fumes quietly and turns away,
but then she remembers a name.
Her eyes well up in silent tears, 
she hopes nothing more than to see his face,
and quietly she says:
"I may not be able to speak nor to move to embrace you, but I am here with you always."


This is what she knows best.
This is what she calls to herself,
Moonlight Reprise...

note: For a Dear friend whom I truly cherish over the years. All my love always.



Published by Magsi Rover

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