Team ACESOP at Un poblenou de tots colors,14a Festa Intercultural Love, Peace and Integration Pakistan

Festa Major 2016 Barcelona


I call it as the festival of peoples and props. This took place on Sunday, 17th September, 2016. We live now in a global village and we are in one single family. It’s our responsibility to bring friendship and love from all different places around the world and to live together in peace." - Jackie Chan


It was witnessed by ACESOP, a Pakistani association in Barcelona and they made profound commitment and participation in it. Should the case that you are knowing of ACESOP for the first time, I think it is would be alright if I show you through what they are about and what they do.

ACESOP sorts out a wide range of courses consistently. These were primarily for women of the association however, they are additionally open to any individual who is intrigued. These courses applies and ranges from Catalan classes to PC courses, through workshops or cosmetics henna youngsters educated by the same Pakistani women.



ACESOP home office has a space where Pakistani women make ensembles of their nation and also different sorts of tissues and an arrangement for sewing workshop to design their wears.


Additionally there, is the making of Pakistani food which is extremely rich since it originates from a wide range of societies. Women ACESOP present to us these delectable suppers with an example of the most illustrative formulas of the cooking. All these and numerous more were shown at the festival of colours.


Additionally said by Kofi Annan; "We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race."  


At highly representing Pakistan, the team of human and ACESOP did amazing work, the group of human and ACESOP did astounding job while they flew the shades of our dear country and landmass all in all. The broadened appearance or show of society which included diverse food and culture that met up was highlighted close by different countries as they converge Barcelona for the festival. Imagine how I met with numerous individuals of the African countries. Also, how I had an individual experience with a few people of Burkina Faso who indicated me through their indulgences and foods. Today I find out about food from Africa, Burkina Faso and I adore them.

The festival included music which is the right meaning of genuine society as each country showed their musical sounds and beats and social legacy.


For Pakistan, Saher Naeem and Sheela Najam close by a host of others attempted their goes as their endeavours very much arranged were made to help the association to show the best of Pakistan. For instance, the presentation of "Peacock Dance" and lunch by ACESOP women, neighbourhood inhabitants, brokers and guests to the merriments of Raval. This dance Asians sorted out to offer perceivability to Asian shops in the Raval locale.


Mrs Sheela Najam put henna on hands of numerous inquisitive guests. Individuals truly valued the mind boggling henna plans and detail to consideration. Sheela said these festivals are indispensable parts of our society in general.

In discussing the festival in connection to the investment of Pakistan in this festival, we can't likewise overemphasize the endeavors in any semblance of Saher Naeem who has been with ACESOP for more than 5 years now as a volunteer. She adores the work and how it affects her as being one of them in Barcelona.

The group of the Association of Pakistani women took ACESOP most loved food, spinach and Pakistan's customary bread made by themselves. Dr. Huma Jamshed served food and the VP of ACESOP Nasra Zafar of Pakistan disseminated desserts. Saher Naeem, Hira Butt, Azra and Asim Chaudry Zebunissa ACESOP individuals were likewise present on this event. 

Likewise present were unmistakable individuals from various human rights affiliations. ACESOP made a peacock with customary scarves alongside Pakistan and Kashmir siblings blaze it to stand in unity with the people of Kashmir. 


Dr. Humma Jamshed, founder and president of the Cultural Educational and Social Association of Pakistani Women (ACESOP),  took a great interest in the festival as it identifies with the festival of basic intentions.


The requirement for Unity In assorted qualities and Further Participations.

 The world is a mammoth group now. This reason of separation, time, doesn't work...We're all so associated. We can't spend each second of our lives agonizing over another family miles away however we some way or another need to consider it where we can.


Why Is this Festival Important?

This festival is was profoundly vital for the reason of the world's requirement for joining into a global entity. Assorted qualities is the answer. It is the primary indication, the initially start of the separation of a thing and of basic personality. The more prominent the differing qualities, the more prominent the flawlessness. This is on the grounds that the individuals who have constructed the same society are not inexorably of one race, and those of the same race have not all took an interest in one society.


The requirements for coordinated efforts incorporate; festival display, the healthy verbal confrontations or competitions, the Festivals, expressions, arts and design.

As an arrangement of correspondence in speech and writing, the successful study and utilization of the dialect of a people is required for their inside and out improvement, be it social, social or financial.


Food likewise assume a part in joining the diverse ethnic gatherings in the nations of the world. Such social dishes or food things from the many ethnic gatherings are a piece of the rich social legacy of the nation.


Poblenou An Intercultural Festa Of All Colors which occurred in Barcelona recently was praiseworthy. The advancement of reading and studying assorted societies among numerous cultural societies.


The food, society, lifestyle for the greatest number as many as could make it to be there is a type of instinct grader, entertainment, training and numerous students of Pakistan made it to the venue it was intended to light up the skylines of students that are concentrating on or making investigation into the social legacies of the people groups of the world, history, socio-sciences etc.


Instructive Projects: Even the Asian students from various colleges of Catalonia made it to take an interest. It is the ideal opportunity for guardians to show youngsters at an opportune time that in assorted qualities there is magnificence and there is quality. The best place to see what has been studied in school or in books.


The Exhibitions: One of the methods for bringing a reflection on the social reality to natives is through the show group, which will serve to highlight the legacy that movement and contact with other social substances add to the social development of the city.


To upgrade dialect and support correspondence among individuals round the world at whatever point they interact with themselves.


The advancement of this sort of festival will likewise upgrade trade and backing among individuals annihilating indigenous feelings and help interpersonal sensitisation.


The Need for Unity in Diversity for healing and Further Participations

This is the place the inhabitants of our world with healthy diversions from a world of rancour, battle hostility and eating disorders EDs as world delicacies and food are imparted to potential use and capacities they perform in the body to one that will, raise, and elevate others in energy, warmth, pity and care without avarice, with open arms, straightforwardness and serenity with the offer to mending our reality, free of strife and hardship and supplanting with brilliance, joy and a show of colours where there is the full liberation for one and all.


We can accomplish, in the event that we ace the vital goodwill, a typical worldwide society favoured with a mutual society of peace that is sustained by the ethnic, national and neighbourhood diversities that improve our lives.


There are no countries no mankind. Furthermore, on the off chance that we don't come to comprehend that privilege soon, there will be no countries, on the grounds that there will be no mankind no colours only a brush of vacancy, a show of disgrace and unfortunate primitiveness. In world history, we are obviously a country of contrasts. I know there is quality in the contrasts between us. I know there is solace where we cover. As we get further, we draw nearer and nearer to other individuals; we feel nearer to life all in all.


All mankind is one unified and resolute family. Humankind ought to be one unified and inseparable family, and every one of us is in charge of the wrongdoings of all the others.


As we develop in familiarity with each other – whether two individuals starting a sentiment or two dissimilar and far-evacuated outsiders appreciating the other's way of life – a brilliant thing starts to happen: we start to tend to alternate as though the other is a piece of us. This is the enchantment of life that our antiquated educators need us to see; the imperceptible fibres of interconnectedness that quandary us together enamoured and appreciation.


Peace and fellowship with all humanity is our most shrewd approach, and I wish we might be allowed to seek after it.


My expectation is for us to meet up grasping shared convictions and qualities, as well as recognizing our disparities in ways that advance admiration and appreciation. To request a common vision is a reasonable and authentic human proposition; what is not reasonable and honest to goodness is to manage the courses on how we arrive. In the event that we are to rise up out of the long shadows that can overwhelm us, we should chat with each other, come to see each other, and restore ourselves and our view of each other.

It begins with you.


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