Hidden Storms

storms hidden

Hidden Storms

Aug 7, 2016, 4:10:42 AM Creative

I might jump a little when I hear the sound of thunder,

And I might look on a little in awe, hiding my slight fear

At the lightning that strives to crack open the sky,

But I am not afraid of thunderstorms, because

I have thunders hiding in the marrow of my bones,

Wrecking my insides with each passing moment,

Begging to be let out, begging to ransack my outsides

That I have been holding together with every ounce of

Strength I have got, and with every shattering sound

They make, I fear I might just let slip my control one day,

Letting them tear me apart, but I hold them in,

And the only thing I'm afraid of is someone crawling

Deep inside me, past every barrier that guards all that

I'm afraid to let out, and the only thing I'm afraid of is

Letting someone see the storms that have ravaged my body,

The storms that I still keep hidden underneath everything

Soft and smooth, letting them wreak havoc on my insides

As long as they don't ever see the light of the day,

Because I'm afraid the peeking eyes of the bright sun

Will drain every bit of the tumult I am made of, and

Repulsed by the sight left thereafter, leave me barren and dry.

Published by Mahima Kapoor

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