How To Love A Nation

I love my country, I really do,
But I also know that love is 
Not objective, and choosing 
Not to love its flaws is not wrong
In any way whatsoever, because 
My nation was born with an oath 
Of making sure there weren't any 
Anymore, and because it's a daily
Struggle, democracy, a daily 
Rumination, a daily traversal in to
The deepest of its recesses, that takes
With it a burning marshal, so
That no dark corner is left
Unilluminated, and I will try finding
Ways to emend the darkness till
Pitch black is a word no one knows, 
And none of that makes my love
For my nation any less than that of 
Those who refuse to believe that 
Aiming for enhancement is the sanest 
Way to go about loving a nation.

Published by Mahima Kapoor


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