A Comprehensive Guide to Food Delivery Mobile App Business Models!

A Comprehensive Guide to Food Delivery Mobile App Business Models!

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, almost all businesses had very little hope. Every business person thought about what would happen if this didn’t stop. But, things got back to normal, and some unexpected events happened. One of those surprising things was the rise of food delivery businesses.

Business Models for Food Delivery Apps!

If you are a startup mobile application development services, a close analysis of all the food delivery business models is crucial for you. As there is a lot of competition out there, one wrong decision may put you in a very bad state. 

The Platform To Consumer Model (Order Only)

Being a startup, you can hire dedicated developers and build an order-only mobile app for your users. The working of this model is as follows.

Some live examples of food delivery apps based on this model are:

  • Grubhub
  • Seamless
  • Easy food
  • FoodPanda

Order and Delivery Model

This kind of model is adapted by countless delivery chains around the world. Therefore, if you are planning to choose this, consider the competition. Here is how this model works!

Point-to-point: The rider takes a single order from one restaurant and delivers it to one customer.

Milk Run: In this, a rider collects multiple orders from one location and delivers it to multiple users.

The app complexity in this model is a bit more. Therefore, you need to hire dedicated ios developers who can deliver the best. 

Full-Stack Business Model

If you want to build a business based on this model, you need to examine the cost of on-demand app development and other factors like delivery services, inventory management, etc. closely. In this model, everything from preparation to delivery is handled by one party. Hence, the cost is high!

Restaurant to Consumer model

This type of business model also requires a dedicated app for each platform if you want to cover the maximum market. Therefore, you need to hire a custom android apps development team.

Planning to hire a mobile app developer for your food delivery app? If yes, check out this article to know about the models available before hiring!

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