Is Python Still Relevant In 2021?

Is Python Still Relevant In 2021?

What do platforms like Instagram, Spotify, Quora, SurveyMonkey, and Reddit have in common? Well, apart from being very popular and successful technology companies, there is one common element for all of them. They are all built on Python.

However, as times change, consumer dynamics and market conditions continue to become obsolete. We, as developers, need to assess if what we do still makes sense or if there’s a need to reflect, upskill and evolve.

That’s exactly what we are about to do. We’re going to take the programming language developed in the 80s and launched in the 90s and check if python development companies are still relevant in 2021.

Assessing the Pros of Using Python

Simple to Read and Understand

Python is probably the simplest programming language out there. Its syntax is neat and proper, allowing you to have optimum clarity even when you’re developing complex modules and systems.

Asynchronous Programming

Writing asynchronous code in Python is very simple. Because of the absence of configuration issues, research contention, or other deadlocks, developers can seamlessly write asynchronous code. With each code running individually without depending on another for a trigger, this non-sequential feature lets developers tackle problems quicker.

Prominent Web Development Frameworks

To further ease the development process, any python application development company can make use of the wide range of development frameworks it offers. You have frameworks such as Django, which is ideal for web app development, Pyramid that offers excellent scalability, Flask, which is best for solutions with lean functionality, and more.

The Cons Of Python

Python Is Quite Slow

Let’s face it. While Python development paves the way for a faster time to market, the programming language as such is quite slow. Because of the fact that it is an interpreted programming language, it uses diverse methods to translate code. This makes it comparatively slower than Java, C, C++ and other languages.

Unsuitable For Mobile App Development

While we showered praises for Python enterprise and web development, it falls short on mobile application development. In the mobile app development space, you have solid counterparts like React Native, Native, Swift and more. Also, finding ideal hire python experts are a challenge in itself.

Wrapping Up

So, is Python still relevant in 2021 for web development? The short answer, like you would have understood, is yes. The pros clearly outweigh the cons. One aspect you could consider is ensuring you know your requirements well and that you have a clear grasp of how you want your web solution to work, perform and feel.

Looking to work with Python for your next web development project? Here’s a guide on its pros and cons so you could decide better.

Published by Mahipalsinh Rana

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