Top 7 Frameworks for Integration AI in App Development

Top 7 Frameworks for Integration AI in App Development

Artificial Intelligence has spread to almost every industry and sector. It has a lot of applications and has the potential to build high-quality inclusive solutions aimed at improving how we live, communicate, interact, enjoy, work, and engage. 

As you build AI-enabled applications, it requires a deep understanding of the technology and its implementations. AI app development has become a mainstay of modern digital solutions creation integrated with the latest features and functions to help the users get an immersive experience. 

Top 7 AI Frameworks for AI App Development


Why Choose TensorFlow?

Regarded as one of the best open-source frameworks for AI development, TensorFlow belongs to the Google Family. This framework has several in-built systems to help you add features connected to machine learning and other advanced technologies. TensorFlow is based on JavaScript and is one of the leading frameworks of this language.

  • Made by Google:
  • Suited for Complex Apps:
  • Support for Advanced Concepts:
  • Strong Community: 
  • Documentation: 

Want to build an application with AI and machine learning features? Use any one of these 7 AI app development frameworks you can use in 2022.

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