Why a Mobile App Development Company Must Use Flutter?

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Why a Mobile App Development Company Must Use Flutter?

Oct 13, 2021, 9:54:45 AM Tech and Science

Flutter has caught the attention of the entire development community, and all for good reasons. Google launched Flutter as an open-source mobile application development technology. 

Flutter is the go-to technology for mobile app development because of its ability to speed up the process. Additionally, it reduces the overall development cost, which further helps startups and businesses. 

Using Flutter, the developers can leverage Google’s UI Toolkit to design and build native applications while taking advantage of incredible user interfaces. 

Advantages of Flutter

1. Single Codebase

Flutter works with a write-once approach, which means that you only need to write the code once and can run it anywhere, depending on the platform. If not for Flutter, a mobile app development company would have to employ various developers for building applications for different platforms.

But when it comes to Flutter, the developers have to write the code once, and it will run on Android and iOS devices seamlessly. This reduces the effort required to build an application. This increases the development speed while reducing the time.

2. Hot Reloading

This is one of the best features of Flutter and also the reason why it has gained popularity in a few years of its launch. Hot reloading allows the Flutter developers to see the changes made to the code in the View component instantly. This means that the developers do not need to recompile the code after every short edit.

It saves them a lot of time and effort that is otherwise put into editing the code repeatedly until they get the desired result. With hot reloading, the developers can create a side-to-side window of coding and View component. As they code, the View component shows the end result. Besides writing the code speedily, hot reloading is especially important for bug fixing, and the developers can experience real-time code modification.

4. Dart

Dart is a client-optimized programming language that helps build applications fast on and for any platform. Like Flutter, Dart was also developed and launched by Google in 2012.

We see several possibilities in Flutter come from Dart, including a productive coding environment and multi-platform support. A hire flutter expert must be well trained and experienced in using Dart.

Flutter is a game-changing technology for mobile app development. Using it, a Flutter app developer can build any type of application, including gaming, utility, eCommerce, lifestyle, etc., and add it with bespoke features and functions.

All of this is completed in a short period because of the in-built capabilities of the framework. Almost every mobile app development company needs to have a team of Flutter experts to attract more clients because Flutter is one of the perfect technologies to build advanced and market-oriented solutions or applications.

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